The corrigendum article type is available for authors to address errors discovered in their own published articles.

In general, if the errors directly affect the content of the original article, especially if stated results and/or figures are affected, a corrigendum should be submitted to the journal via the AMS submission system to correct the record. If the nature of the error is very minor, and especially if it only affects elements that are not in the body of the article (e.g., a misspelling in an author affiliation), then the author should contact the AMS journals production team.

A submitted corrigendum must reference the original article and describe the nature of the error and its effects on the results described in the original article. An abstract is optional. The same standard page charges apply to corrigenda (except for cases when the error was initiated during production by AMS staff or vendors). The author list for a corrigendum should match the original article. If you have added an author who helped prepare the corrigendum, please include an author comment describing the added author's contributions.

Submit Corrigendum

Peer Review of Corrigenda

Corrigendum submissions can often be expedited if they do not require further review by the Chief Editor or handling Editor. However, if results in the original article are directly affected, another editorial review may be required.

Publication of Corrigenda

Once accepted, corrigenda are expedited and published as soon after the original article as possible. Individual corrigenda are mutually linked to the original article upon publication. The PDF version of the corrigendum is also appended to the PDF version of the original article for the convenience of the reader.