Propose a Book

If you are developing a book related to the atmospheric sciences and want to publish with the preeminent scientific society in the field, please consider AMS Books. Information on this page should help you decide if your idea coincides with our publishing intentions. If you find this is the case, please consider submitting a proposal according to our suggested proposal format, below.

About AMS Books

AMS Books supports the AMS by disseminating unique content that advances science and scientific understanding and reaching varied audiences, from enthusiasts to scientists. We publish both non-technical and technical books for intelligent adult readers, covering topics such as: climate change, policy, economics, security, and the science behind the weather, as well as storm histories, biographies, and practical guides.

Note we rarely publish textbooks (although, internally, our education department has developed courses and related text books) and we do not publish fiction or poetry. Volumes honoring specific individuals (festschriften) and conference volumes are published as monographs. Our monograph series are collected volumes of peer-reviewed articles (see instead Organizing a Monograph).

What AMS Books Can Do for You

Our reach is deep and broad. We have approximately 15,000 members who are exposed to our books through our website, newsletters, listservs, our monthly magazine, BAMS, and our online bookstore. Our books receive attention at scientific meetings, are reviewed in significant international publications, and win awards from both the world of science and the publishing industry.

The University of Chicago Press markets and distributes our books in print and electronic formats to institutions and bookstores across the country, as well as to online retailers such as

Springer Nature distributes our older titles in various eBook formats through and the subscription-based SpringerLink, to which many key institutions subscribe.

The small size of the AMS Books list means authors receive individual editorial attention, while our organizational reach allows us to tap world-class experts, and our publishing partners help us reach audiences beyond those who are already engaged in the weather, water, and climate community.

Book Proposal Format

Proposals must include the following:

  • Working title.
  • Annotated table of contents.
  • Specific and concise narrative description of the content, including themes, arguments, and goals.
  • Short description of the intended audience.
  • List of similar books now available, with an explanation of how your book is different. We like to see that books with similar content have been successfully published. However, the more books published on a particular topic, the more important it is that your book has a new perspective or “hook” that makes it significant in some way and differentiates it from the others.
  • Author bio including professional experience and affiliations, past publications, and information relevant to the subject area of the book.
  • Estimated length of book including a description of any images you intend to include and, if possible, their source and format.
  • Your intended timeline for writing/developing the book.


Please send your book proposal or direct any questions to:

Sarah Jane Shangraw, AMS Books Managing Editor  •  617-226-3941

What Happens to Your Proposal at AMS

Your proposal will be evaluated by AMS staff as well as invited volunteers from AMS membership who are experts in the content area of your book. We will evaluate the project’s feasibility by considering the significance of the content, our ability to market to the intended audience, the costs of producing the book in the appropriate format, and more. We will analyze existing similar titles and consult with experts in the subject area within our staff and leadership as needed before deciding whether to acquire a new title. We will contact you 2–4 weeks after receiving your proposal.

Please contact us about your book or book idea today.