Presenting the New AMS Logo

The new AMS logo will be the visual mark that represents AMS's brand and reputation built over our storied 100-year history.

The new logo conveys that we are a trusted voice and respected advocate for weather, water, and climate science and service. It also shows that we are a diverse and inclusive community that is deeply engaged in the multifaceted work of advancing science and increasing our ability to benefit from that science.

  1. The colors of the three-dimensional globe represent the basic elements of climate science: atmosphere, water, and earth.
  2. The waves separating the elements evoke Rossby waves while adding to the dynamism of the logo. 
  3. The typography is simple, distinctive, and designed to be legible at small sizes.
  4. The typography will be a distinct part of the AMS identity. It is classic yet modern with simple geometry and warm clearness.

This new logo will be used in addition to the longstanding Seal of the AMS, which will continue to represent AMS as its official seal.