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1. AMS Community Synthesis on Climate Change Solutions

This study provides a summary of input from the AMS community on climate change solutions. It was carried out in an accelerated time frame in response to a request from the National Science Foundation for rapid community input.

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Tags: 2021, Climate change, NSF
2. A Conceptual Tool for Climate Change Risk Assessment

We develop a new conceptual tool to explore the potential societal consequences of climate change.
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Tags: 2014, Article, Climate change
3. How to Deal with Climate Change

Climate Change is a complex and contentious public issue, but the risk-management options available to us are straightforward and have well-characterized strengths and weaknesses, as described in this article in Physics Today.

Tags: 2014, Article, Climate change
4. Climate Change Risk Management

This study identifies potential policy responses to climate change and explores their strengths and weaknesses.
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Tags: 2014, Climate change
5. Climate Change in 7 Minutes

Video: Paul Higgins on the basics of climate change from his appearance on 24 Hours of Climate Reality.

Tags: Video, Climate change
6. Responding to Climate Predictions

To respond effectively to climate predictions that involve significant seasonal variations, governments also require appropriate policies governing public and private decisions – at the local, national, and international levels.

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Tags: 2003, Climate change

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