AMS Short Course on CM- and MM-Wavelength Radars Research Applications (CANCELLED)

AMS Short Course on CM- and MM-Wavelength Radars Research Applications (CANCELLED)

13 September 2015, Norman, OK

The AMS Short Course on CM- and MM-Wavelength Radar Applications will be held on 13 September 2015 preceding the 37th AMS Conference on Radar Meteorology in Norman, Oklahoma. Preliminary programs, registration, hotel, and general information will be posted on the AMS Web site ( in early July 2015.            

The number of millimeter-wavelength (cloud) radars and the range of their applications have increased dramatically the last two decades. Yet, there is a gap in comprehensive millimeter-wavelength radar course material in most undergraduate/graduate programs in the USA and other countries that offer radar meteorology courses and research. Another knowledge gap exists in the synergy of cm- and mm- wavelength radars for cloud and precipitation research. Research groups tend to focus on either weather or cloud radar systems and ignore the benefits of having coordinated measurements from both cm- and mm-wavelength radars. This course will explore these benefits using cm- and mm-wavelength observations from the US Department of Energy ARM ( sites.

The goal of the course is to introduce mm-wavelength radars to the broader community, discuss the theory and applications of radar Doppler spectra and demonstrate examples where cm- and mm-wavelength work together to provide a more complete, holistic view of the water cycle.

 The course format consists of a few introductory lectures followed by several hours of hands on laboratory sessions with exercises using data and software that will distributed on-line from the course coordinator website in advance of the course. The instructor for the course is Prof. Pavlos Kollias, McGill University. He will be joined by: Edward Luke (Brookhaven National Laboratory), Dr. Stefan Kneifel (University of Cologne), Prof. Alessandro Battaglia (University of Leicester) and Dr. Frederic Tridon (University of Leicester). 

A luncheon will be provided during the short course. The participants are expected to use their own laptops for the course. Internet access will be available for this course.

 For more information please contact P. Kollias at McGill University, Department of Atmospheric and Oceanic Sciences, Burnside Hall Room 945, 805 Sherbrooke Street West, Montreal H3A 0B9, Quebec Canada (tel: 514-398-1500, email: [email protected])