Information for Authors and Presenters

Important Dates: 

• Edits to Abstract Deadline: 10 April, 2020

• Presentation Upload Deadline (before meeting): 5 May, 2020

• Extended Abstract and Supplementary Info Deadline: 15 June, 2020

General Information for Authors and Presenters

All Presenters: 

Please visit the AMS General Information for Authors and Presenters for information on standard room set, poster size, and tips on making a successful presentation at an AMS conference. Please also download the Extended Abstract Instructions for information about preparing and uploading your extended abstract and supplementary info. 


Oral Presenters:

If you would like to upload your presentation file before the meeting, please do so in presenter's corner no later than 10 April, 2020  You can also upload your file at the meeting in the room you are presenting in during any of the breaks or 30 minutes before sessions begin for the day. There will be a student volunteer at the podium during this time to assist with uploading.

Please note that the aspect ratio for the projectors in the session rooms is 16:9

Poster Presenters:

Set up and tear down information will be posted soon.

*AMS is not responsible for posters left up after the tear down time. As a courtesy to other poster presenters, please remove your poster by the tear down time