Registration is now open! Visit the meeting web page for more details. Registration is now open through the end of the meeting.

Please log in to the virtual platform here.

We encourage you to familiarize yourselves with the platform, and how to navigate among the sessions and presentations. We recommend that you take a few minutes to watch the "Welcome Instructional Video" available on the platform home page.

Please note the platform is only accessible to those registered for the meeting.

If you are not registered for the meeting, please register here.

If you have already logged in to the Virtual Platform to manage Sessions or Posters, please enter the email address and password you previously used.

If you have not already logged in to the Virtual Platform, please log in with email used at registration and your provided temporary password. Should you have any trouble logging in please click the "lost password?" link and enter your email address used at registration

All live sessions will take place in Eastern Time (ET). Attendees will have the ability to change the time display to reflect the user’s current time zone in the virtual platform. 

Live sessions can be found in the “Sessions” tab and are separate by day.

By selecting each session title, you are able to view the presentations within each session.

Fifteen (15) minutes before the scheduled live session time, a "Join Now" button with a link to the Zoom session will appear in the virtual platform under the session title. We recommend all attendees join the virtual meeting ten minutes before the scheduled start time by clicking the "Join Now” button.

If you have issues entering the session please reach out using the Platform Support button that is found in the bottom right-hand corner of each page and we will get you a direct link.

If you have questions about a session, please email meetings@ametsoc.org. The AMS Meetings department will be monitoring the sessions and are here to answer any questions. 

Each poster presenter will have a separate Zoom Meeting Room to discuss their work. During the poster’s scheduled presentation time, click “View Poster Details” in order to see the “Join Now” button to join that presenter in the poster’s zoom room. Should a presenter not appear, the “Join Now” button will read “Meeting Starts at 2:45 PM.”

We encourage you to ask questions using the question feature in Zoom Webinar. 

  • Type questions in the Q&A section of Zoom and not the Chat
  • If you are a coauthor and would like to help field questions during the live sessions, click the “raise your hand” button and tech support will unmute you.
  • If session chairs don’t get to your question, or you think of a question after the live session, please reach out to the presenter in the platform’s Attendee Chat and Directory.

Yes, live sessions will be recorded. Recordings will be posted in the online program 24 to 48 hours after each session.