34th Conference on Agricultural and Forest Meteorology Call for Papers

The 34th Conference on Agricultural and Forest Meteorology, sponsored by the American Meteorological Society, will be held virtually June 21–23, 2021.  This conference is organized by the AMS Committee on Agricultural and Forest Meteorology and jointly held with the 5th Conference on Atmospheric Biogeosciences. Preliminary programs, registration, hotel, and general information will be posted on the AMS Web site by early April 2021.

While papers are solicited on all aspects of ecosystem-atmosphere interactions, potential topics to consider would include:

  • Emerging insights from long-term land-atmosphere exchange records.
  • Advances in temporal and spatial scaling of localized flux measurements.
  • The effects of localized landscape disturbance (e.g. wildfires, hurricanes) on atmosphere/biosphere interaction.
  • Improved understanding of vegetative response to changing soil and atmospheric conditions.
  • ET partitioning with a focus on measurement and modeling-based approaches to separate evaporation from transpiration on field to global scales.
  • Advances, improvements and new perspectives in measurements and modeling of atmosphere/biosphere exchanges.
  • Observations and modeling of vegetation hydraulics and their connection to gas exchange processes.
  • Measurements and modeling of turbulent transport and diffusion in and above plant canopies
  • The impacts of agricultural and forest practices on the atmospheric boundary layer.
  • Emissions of nitrous oxide, methane, and other trace gases including volatile organic compounds from ecosystems including agricultural, forest and wetland systems.
  • Impacts of land-use changes on forest and agricultural systems.

The Committee on Agricultural and Forest Meteorology of the American Meteorological Society (AMS) is proud to present awards recognizing 3 outstanding oral presentations and 3 outstanding poster presentations given by students at the 34th Conference on Agricultural and Forest Meteorology. These awards recognize outstanding student contributions based on an evaluation of both the submitted written paper and corresponding oral or poster presentation. Students are asked at the time of the abstract submission if they want to be considered for such awards.  In addition, students who want to be considered for travel support will be asked to note this when submitting their abstract and may be asked to submit a note of justification for funds. Students must be the first author on submissions and be presenting their own, original work.

                Please submit your abstract electronically via the Web by 22 January 2021(refer to the AMS webpage at https://ams.confex.com/ams/). An abstract fee of $95 (payable by credit card or purchase order) is charged at the time of submission (refundable only if abstract is not accepted). The $95 abstract fee includes the submission of your abstract, the posting of your extended abstract, and the uploading and recording of your presentation, which will be archived on the AMS website.

                Authors of accepted presentations will be notified via e-mail by early-April 2021. All extended abstracts are to be submitted electronically and will be available on-line. Instructions for formatting extended abstracts will be posted on the AMS website. Authors have the option to submit extended abstracts (up to 10 MB) electronically by 23 July 2021. All abstracts, extended abstracts and presentations will be available on the AMS website at no cost.

For additional information please contact the Agricultural and Forest Meteorology program chairpersons: Elke Eichelmann (elke.eichelmann@ucd.ie) or Eduardo Santos (esantos@ksu.edu)



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