Conference Excursion

Tour the Ben & Jerry's Factory, followed by a trip to Downtown Burlington!

Wednesday, 24 October, 4:00pm - 9:30pm

Tickets for the excursion were $30.

A stop at iconic Ben & Jerry’s for the Factory Tour offers the opportunity to learn about their ice cream manufacturing process, business practices, and most importantly, a sample at the end of the tour! There is also a Scoop Shop on site where you can enjoy your favorite flavor, or try a new one. Cap off your visit with a walk through the Flavor Graveyard and pay your respects to the dearly de-pinted flavors of years past. The tour takes approximately 30 minutes, and then attendees can enjoy the ice cream and factory until we board back on the buses at 5:00 PM for downtown Burlington! There is a lot to see and do for dinner and other activities! Shuttles to the factory will leave from the Stoweflake Resort promptly at 4:00pm, and leave downtown Burlington at 8:30 PM, sharply.