Student Opportunities

Award Opportunities

Student Travel Awards

Seven student travel awards (2 awards for $500, 5 awards for $100) will also be available to help supplement travel expenses for students who will be presenting at or virtually attending the conference. Students with limited travel/conference funding or traveling large distances to the conference will be favored for this award. Students from groups that are historically underrepresented in the sciences, including Black or African-American, American Indian or Alaska Native, Hispanic or Latino, female, LGBTQ, first-generation college students, veterans, and students with disabilities are encouraged to apply. To apply, please send a one-page justification letter by 27 April 2022 to the program co-chairs: Annareli Morales and Bianca Adler describing how this travel support would assist them in attending the meeting.

Young Scientist Conference Award (YSCA) sponsored by the European Meteorological Society

The European Meteorological Society invites applications for a Young Scientist Conference Award (YSCA) to support the participation of young scientists at the 2022 AMS Conference on Mountain Meteorology. The award includes financial support for travel expenditures of 500€. Please see the YSCA website for details on eligibility and application procedure. Application deadline is March 15, 2022.

Student Assistant

Volunteer students are needed for registration and audio/visual support during the conference. Student volunteers are required to be in attendance the entire conference, and be available to work at least 1/2 a day from Sunday through Friday. The students will work either the first or second shift (i.e., morning or afternoon). For volunteering, the student will get their registration fee waived and $25.00 per day for food allowance. This program is a first come, first served basis. A limited number of students will be needed for the conference. Those students interested should please contact Serena Roche for details.