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COMET's Broadcast Meteorologists Community Website
Professional development tools, certification info, training materials, story ideas & factoids, demo clips, visual resources, and more!


American Meteorological Society
Newsroom, Science Highlights, Atmospheric News, RSS/XML Feeds

Centers for Disease Control
Newsroom, Media Contact, RSS/XML Feed (direct link to feed)

Newsroom, Media Contacts, News Releases, News By Email, RSS/XML Feeds, Hurricane Katrina / Rita Newsroom

FEMA Press Room

Fish & Wildlife Service
Newsroom, Media Contacts

Forest Service
Newsroom, News Releases, Press Office, RSS/XML Feed (direct link to feed)

Newsroom, Science Stories, News Release Listserv, RSS/XML Feeds, Press Contacts, NASA TV, Goddard Space Flight Center Newsroom

National Park Service
Newsroom, Parktips Story Ideas

Newsroom, News Releases, News Releases by Email, Contacts

National Science Foundation
Newsroom, For the News Media, Staff Directory

News Story Archive, , Media Contacts, Photo Library, RSS Feeds

USDA Natural Resources and Environment News

Newsroom, Public Affairs Contacts, RSS/XML Feeds, News by Email

Disaster Messages

National Disaster Education Coalition: "Talking About Disaster: Guide for
Standard Messages."

Story Ideas

AMS News and Information
USGS Science Picks (Leads, Feeds, and Story Seeds)
Parktips National Park Service
Project Laundry List

Graphics Ideas

Earth/Water Cycle
El Niño
Flood Situations
How Lightning Forms
Space Weather
General Weather

Image Galleries

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDCP) Public Health Image Library
Home page, search page, usage policies

EPA Image Gallery
Home page (includes usage statement)

Federal Emergency Management Administration (FEMA) Photo Library
Home page, search page,usage policies

NASA Multimedia Gallery
Home page, search page,usage policies

NASA Jet Propulsion Lab Planetary Photojournal
Home page, search page, usage policies

National Park Service
Home page, release information

National Science Foundation (NSF) Multimedia Gallery
Home page, search page, usage policies

NOAA Photo Library
Home page, collections, search page, usage policies

US Antarctic Photo Library
Home page, search page, usage policies

USDA Natural Resources Conservation Service
Home page, search page, usage

US Fish & Wildlife Service Digitial Medial Library
Home page, search page, usage policies

Air Quality

EPA's AIRNow Program: Real-time Air Quality Conditions and Forecasts

EnviroFlash: Air Quality Index Forecast and Action Day Notification E-mails


NOAA Hurricane Portal
weather watches, warnings, forecasts, preparedness guides

Dr. Gray's Tropical Storm Forecast

FEMA Hurricane Portal


NOAA Tornado Portal

FEMA for Kids: Tornadoes


NOAA: Floods

FEMA: Floods

FEMA for Kids: Floods


USGS Earthquake Hazards Program
Information on worldwide earthquake activity, earthquake science, and earthquake hazard reduction

USGS Earthquake RSS/XML Feeds

National Earthquake Hazards Reduction Program

National Disaster Education Coalition Earthquake Message (pdf)


National Weather Service Lightning Safety Awareness Week
June 24-30, 2007

NOAA Lightning Portal
safety tips, statistics, frequently asked questions, photos

Ultraviolet Rays

EPA's SunWise Program

EnviroFlash: UV Index Forecast and Alert Notification E-mails


Child Heatstroke: Call to Action (video)

Safe Kids Heatstroke (social media guide)


Covering Wildfires
Information on covering wildfires, health risks from wildfire smoke, and connections between climate change and wildfires (Climate Central)

Government Agencies


NASA Press and Media

NASA Science Stories
A great web site sometimes containing downloadable video and images

NASA News Release Listserv


NASA Press Contacts

Live interview opportunities and feeds from NASA TV. 

NASA Goddard Space Flight Center

NASA Videofile Alert
(daily, satellite-delivered NASA newsfeed


NOAA Story Ideas for Reporters

NOAA Media Contacts

NOAA Photo Library



USGS Newsroom

USGS Listservs


USGS Public Affairs Contacts

Other Sources

World Meteorological Organization News Centre

ScienCentral News

Discoveries and Breakthroughs Inside Science

Environmental News Network
Good story ideas, not much video.

EurekaAlert! Breaking News

Sky and Telescope Magazine
An excellent resource for astronomical information.

Society of Environmental Journalists Today's News

American Astronomical Society
daily updates:

Hubble European Space Agency Information Centre

American Geophysical Union