Rental of Membership List

A full-page advertisement in the Bulletin at $1550 is a requirement for use of the AMS membership list. An electronic file of the mailing list is available for onetime use at $150 per one thousand names. There are approximately 11,000 members' addresses on the full list. The list may be broken down by membership classification, zip code range, state, country, or field of expertise. The list will include mailing addresses only. It is our policy not to provide email addresses. All advertising materials must be submitted to the Society for prior approval. Rental of address list is for a onetime mailing; it is strictly forbidden to reproduce/copy the AMS mailing list in whole or in part.

Orders for advertising and rentals of membership lists must be accompanied by payment. All advertising is subject to acceptance by the publisher. The advertiser and/or the agency absolves the AMS of any and all claims or suits arising from the publication of any advertising in BAMS.