Climate Studies

Expand your on-campus or online science offerings

AMS Climate Studies is an introductory college-level course developed by the American Meteorological Society for implementation at undergraduate institutions nationwide. The course places students in a dynamic and highly motivational educational environment where they investigate Earth's climate system using real-world environmental data.

The AMS Climate Studies course package consists of an textbookmanualportal (course website), and course management system-compatible files. You can use these resources in combinations that make for an exciting learning experience for their students.

If you are an experienced science faculty or new to teaching climate science, you can offer the course in traditional lecture/laboratory, completely online, or hybrid learning environments. Collegial assistance from AMS staff and other course teachers is available for new instructors.

If you would like to use the entire AMS Climate Studies course package, which includes the Textbook and Investigations Manual with access to the RealTime Climate Portal and Faculty Website, your college should submit a license to the AMS Education Program.

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