RealTime Weather Portal

Current Weather Studies - Challenging lab activities with real-time excitement

  • Course investigations are self-contained in the eInvestigations Manual or may be completed using the Manual introductory section with Current Weather Studies . 
  • Current Weather Studies activities expand on important concepts using current or recent climate data and are delivered on a weekly schedule.

Daily Weather Summary - A play-by-play of the weather today

  • Available during fall and spring semesters, the daily weather discussion describes the current weather pattern nationwide, with a weekday summary that builds on course content.

Weekly Weather/Climate News - Current events that affect our lives

  • This weekly feature contains links to the latest weather and climate news items.

Math Skills - Additional quantitative activities to engage and challenge your students at a variety of competency levels

  • Exercises correspond to each textbook chapter, with a Part A and Part B.
  • Part A is a quantitative study of important chapter concepts that assumes knowledge of basic algebra.
  • More challenging, Part B explores meteorological concepts such as radiation laws, gas laws, energy conservation, and forces and winds. 

Critical Thinking/Diversity Component - Reasoned pathways to problem solving in atmospheric science and the real world 

  • First defining Critical Thinking and its attributes, this component examines a specific critical thinking cognitive skill and an affective attribute relating to that chapter.
  • For each chapter there is a suggestion of ways in which critical thinking can be applied the impact of diversity.

Chapter Progress - Additional activities to engage and challenge students

  • The weekly Chapter Progress questions correspond to each textbook chapter, providing another way to engage student understanding.