Investigations Manual

Weather Studies Investigations Manual

  • Investigations lead students through the analysis and interpretation of real-world weather data
  • Two investigations per textbook chapter, a total of 30 lab-related investigations
  • Each investigation is self-contained in the manual, or may be completed using Current Weather Studies on the RealTime Weather Portal

As each Investigations Manual activity is self-contained, course materials are available to instructors in their entirety prior to the beginning of a term.

Instructors wanting to have their students study weather as it happens may choose to use the Manual introduction section plus Current Weather Studies prepared weekly on the RealTime Weather Portal. View this year's schedule for Current Weather Studies.

Orders for the Weather Studies eInvestigations Manual and/or other course materials should be placed through your college bookstore. Go to the Order Class Materials page for details. Students can also place orders directly through the AMSEDU Bookstore

If you are a faculty member interested in using the Weather Studies materials in a current or future course offering, please request an examination copy of the digital Textbook, eInvestigations Manual, and RealTime Weather Portal.

1A Surface Air Pressure Patterns and Winds (copyright notice)
1B Surface Air Pressure Patterns and Winds Applications (copyright notice)
2A Surface Weather Maps and the Atmosphere in the Vertical
2B Surface Weather Maps and the Atmosphere in the Vertical Applications
3A Solar and Terrestrial Radiation
3B Solar and Terrestrial Radiation Applications
4A Temperature and Atmospheric Circulation
4B Temperature and Atmospheric Circulation Applications
5A Air Pressure Change
5B Air Pressure Change Applications
6A Clouds, Temperatures and Air Pressure
6B Clouds, Temperatures and Air Pressure Applications
7A Precipitation Patterns
7B Precipitation Patterns Applications
8A Wind and Weather
8B Wind and Weather Applications
9A Atmosphere's Planetary Circulation
9B Atmosphere's Planetary Circulation Applications
10A The Extratropical Cyclone
10B The Extratropical Cyclone Applications
11A Thunderstorms and Tornadoes
11B Thunderstorms and Tornadoes Applications
12A Hurricanes
12B Hurricane Applications
13A Weather Analysis and Forecasting
13B Weather Analysis and Forecasting Applications
14A Light and Sound in the Atmosphere
14B Light and Sound in the Atmosphere Applications
15A Climate and Climate Data
15B Climate and Climate Data Applications