Ocean Studies: Introduction to Oceanography

  • Comprehensive introductory-level ocean textbook with science-rich content interweaving recent oceanographic research
  • Chapters open with Learning Objectives, a Central Question, and a Case-in-Point of a real-life event relevant to the chapter
  • Chapters close with Basic Understandings and Enduring Ideas, as well as review and critical thinking questions, web resources and scientific literature
  • "For Further Explorations" explore topics from the narrative in detailed essays

Offered as a protected ebook, with an option for a full-color, softcover print on demand format, the Ocean Studies textbook includes 15 chapters exploring the world ocean from an Earth system perspective.

The Ocean Studies textbook explores twelve principal themes, plus three independent themes, organized by chapter so concepts build on each other. The new Introductory Chapter of Ocean Studies highlights core areas of oceanography. Chapter 1 through 4 introduces the Earth system, ocean basins and plate tectonics, the physical and chemical properties of ocean water, and air-sea interactions and the flow of heat energy in the Earth system. The next three chapters cover the dynamic ocean, including surface and deep-ocean currents (Chapter 5), waves and tides (Chapter 6), and shoreline processes (Chapter 7). Chapters 8 and 9 examine marine ecosystems and life in the ocean while Chapter 10 focuses on the ocean, atmosphere, and climate variability and Chapter 11 details the origin and distribution of ocean sediments. Chapter 12 provides an overview of climate science and climate change, especially the role of the ocean and the consequences of warming. The remaining independent chapters, which can be discussed at any point of the course, consider ocean exploration (Chapter 13), ocean stewardship (Chapter 14), and ocean and climate public policy (Chapter 15).

The Ocean Studies textbook may be used in conjunction with the Investigations Manual and RealTime Ocean Portal or by itself. If you are a faculty member interested in using the Ocean Studies textbook in a current or future course offering, request an examination copy of the eTextbook and eInvestigations Manual.

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Brief Table of Contents

Introductory Chapter (copyright notice) 
Chapter 1: The Ocean in the Earth System (copyright notice) 
Chapter 2: Ocean Basins and Plate Tectonics 
Chapter 3: Properties of Ocean Water 
Chapter 4: The Atmosphere and Ocean 
Chapter 5: Ocean Currents
Chapter 6: Ocean Waves and Tides
Chapter 7: The Dynamic Coast
Chapter 8: Marine Ecosystems
Chapter 9: Life in the Ocean
Chapter 10: The Ocean, Atmosphere, and Climate Variability
Chapter 11: Ocean Sediments
Chapter 12: The Ocean and Climate Change
Chapter 13: Ocean Exploration: Past and Present
Chapter 14: Ocean Stewardship
Chapter 15: Ocean and Climate Policy
Appendix I: Conversion Factors
Appendix II: Ocean Timeline

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