Online ePub

The Online ePub format is available along with the ePub Download and print on demand formats of our books.

The Online ePub is an online option that allows students to access AMS digital books on all devices without downloading the ePub Download files or installing an ePub reader. Instead, log into the AMSEDU Bookstore to access their books. The Online ePub will have all of the features of the ePub Download, including bookmarking, links and annotating and also feature:

  • Sharing notes across devices
  • Creating flip cards for review
  • Creating a study guide
  • Collaborating stuides with peers
  • Accessing manual and textbook in different tabs simultaneously
  • Accessing books from any web capable device 
  • Offline reading

Any faculty who license will receive a free copy of both Online Reader and ePub Download.
Differences between the Online ePub and ePub Download format

Product  Online ePub   ePub Download 
Reader with any web browser X  
Accessible anywhere with internet access X  
Ideal for computer labs X  
Requires ePub reader   X
Must be downloaded to a computer   X
Requires Adobe ID   X
Accessible on only 6 unique devices   X