Project ATMOSPHERE Peer Training Resources

Following the training of the Kansas City summer workshop, teachers conduct two or more single-topic sessions on an on-going basis for their peers within their home states using single topic teaching materials developed by AMS specifically for this purpose. These peer-led training sessions, one to two hours in length, are offered on a variety of meteorological topics.

Project ATMOSPHERE Peer Training Modules

Air-Sea Interaction Activity Key
Atmosphere Aloft Activity 1, Activty 2 Key
Clouds* Activity* Key
Coriolis Effect Activity Key
El Niño/La Niña* Activity* Key
Highs-Lows Activity Key
Hazardous Weather:
Activity Key
Hazardous Weather:
Activity Key
Hazardous Weather:
       Winter Storms
Activity 1, Activity 2 Key
Jet Streams* Activity 1, Activity 2* Key
Sunlight and Seasons Activity Key
Weather Radar:
Activity Key
Weather Satellites Activity 1Activity 2 Key
*These modules require auxiliary materials to complete the activity. Presenters are provided a supply of these materials (30 units) on a one-time basis. For these auxiliary materials, please email Diem Tran at


After the initial two workshops are reported and academic credit awarded, individuals may request a transcript reflecting their academic grade from California University of Pennsylvania by calling 847-716-3005 or requesting them online.