Distance Learning Courses

American Public Universty

Website: www.apus.edu

MATH 240: Differential Equations

MATH 225: Calculus I

MATH 226: Calc II

MATH 227: Calc III

SCIN 233: Physics I with lab (Calc based)

SCIN 234: Physics II with lab (Calc based)

SCIN 131: Intro to Chemistry with Lab

Arizona State University
Online and Distance Education
Website: https://asuonline.asu.edu/
CHM 113: General Chemistry I
MAT 251: Calculus for Life Sciences
MAT 275: Modern Differential Equations
PHY 113: General Physics Laboratory

Colorado Community College System

Online and Distance Education

Website: http://www.ccconline.org/courses/

PHY211 Physics: Calculus-Based I with Lab

PHY212 Physics: Calculus-Based II with Lab

Mississippi State University (MSU)
Broadcast Meteorology Program
Department of Geosciences
P O Box 5448
Mississippi State, MS 39762-5448
Phone (662) 325-2908
Fax (662) 325-2907
Email: jbailey@distance.msstate.edu
Website: http://www.distance.msstate.edu/geosciences/

A list of MSU's meteteorology courses offered through distance learning may be found on their

Web site at http://distance.msstate.edu/geosciences/bomp/course_rotation.

Oregon State University

Online and Distance Education

Website: http://ecampus.oregonstate.edu/

CH 231. GENERAL CHEMISTRY (for science majors)

Penn State University
U.S. Toll Free: 800-252-3592
Local/International: 814-865-5403
Fax: 814-865-3290
Online and Distance Education

University of North Dakota

Online and Distance Education

Website: http://distance.und.edu/collegecourses/

MATH165: Calculus I

MATH166: Calculus II

MATH265: Calculus III

MATH266: Elementary Differential Equations

ATSC231: Aviation Meteorology. Prerequisite: ATSC110 (summer session)


University of Phoenix
CHM/150 - General Chemistry I
MTH/280 - Calculus I
MTH/290 - Calculus II
MTH/380 - Calculus III
MTH/420 - Calculus IV


We welcome information on other distance learning courses that may satisfy the core requirements. Contact Kelly Savoie at AMS Headquarters, (617) 226-3983; ksavoie@ametsoc.org.