Vijay Jain, Junior Research Fellow, Indian Institute of Technology, Indore

Vijay Jain, Junior Research Fellow, Indian Institute of Technology, Indore

Please include details about your educational background and what sparked your interest in atmospheric or related sciences.

I completed my bachelor's in civil engineering and master's in environmental science and technology. I have a deep interest in environmental pollution and atmospheric sciences during my academic studies which motivates me to explore the open skies and their different gaseous components. I like to be a hydrometeorology researcher working to reduce the impact of climate change.

What was your first job in the field and how did you end up in the job you are in now?

I got my first job as a Junior Research Fellow at Indian Space Research Organization (ISRO). My job roles are to generate synoptic meteorological forecasting, assessing WRF Models forecasts for reducing the impact of disastrous flood events in North East India, every monsoon season.

What opportunities did you pursue that you knew would be beneficial to securing a job in the profession?

I am familiar with assessing WRF, GPM, and Indian Meteorological datasets for working on different aspects of climate change and assessing natural disasters forecasting. I will like to move my research career in the field of atmospheric sciences to combat air pollution, natural disasters, and climate change.

What other courses/skills beyond the required math and science courses do you think would be the most helpful to individuals wanting a career in your profession?

I think beyond maths and science the courses which benefit more in this career are basic mechanical, electrical skills, Environmental Engineering, programming skills, Remote sensing, and GIS.

What is your typical day on the job like?

I wake up early in the morning, do some yoga, and breakfast, and start my research project works related to climate change impact assessment firstly by reading some research papers related to that, then perform work for research projects till evening. I will then like to break for dinner and finally give a lookup at the next day's work timeline and then went to sleep.

What do you like most about your job? What is the most challenging thing about your job?

Exploring different concepts of boundary layer changes in mountainous regions of India, the most challenging part for me is traveling in mountainous regions as roads but still, it gives smile to me.

Does your job allow for a good work/life balance? If not, why?

Presently, I am doing my work within limited boundaries in terms of research work, and interactions and I like to explore more.

Over the course of your career what is the most exciting thing that has happened to you?    

The most happening and exciting things that happened for me, to exploring nature, and space, going to different AWS stations for their operational management, tethered balloon campaign for monitoring black carbon, and assessing boundary layer changes.

Is there anything you wish you had done differently in your career?

There are many things life is not well planned for me, I work on different projects every year during every type of work.

What are some must haves on a resume if a person wants to gain employment in your field?

He should be interested or skills in meteorology, physics, remote sensing and GIS knowledge.