DaNa Carlis

DaNa Carlis

I still remember taking my first Atmospheric Science course in 2000 at Howard University, and thinking to myself how practical but impactful weather information can be for communities. I do not believe that there is another profession that has more daily global impact than weather. It is with this sense of purpose and passion for impacting people that I submit my name to serve as an elected member of AMS Council. 

There are two challenges that I feel well prepared to address if elected to the AMS Council. First, the AMS should continue to expand our influence into differing communities that value weather information across time scales. Our success connecting and providing a service delivery framework that is relevant to our diverse set of users will either inhibit or advance our ability to provide impactful decision-making tools, technologies, and services that support the AMS mission. For instance, I successfully proposed that the AMS Summer Community Meeting host a session focused on reviewing the lessons learned from the Marshall Fire that affected the Boulder, CO community during December 2021. The impacts of weather and climate-related disasters will continue to impact lives if AMS does not use its power to convene and provide solutions on issues facing vulnerable communities. 

Second, I intend to spur the progress AMS is already making to advance Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, Justice, and Accessibility. I have been consistently working in this space at NOAA throughout my 20-year career. I have successfully created programs, working groups, and advised NOAA leaders in this space and certainly plan on supporting AMS’ efforts of growth in this area. One aspect that must be considered for implementation at AMS is centering on equity. This means that equity is a non-negotiable and prerequisite for the work and outcomes that AMS is working to achieve. 


DaNa L. Carlis, Ph.D. is an award winning meteorologist and serves as the Deputy Director at NOAA’s Global Systems Laboratory (GSL). At GSL, he responsible for leading the scientific and information technology efforts of the laboratory. Along with the GSL Director, he leads a laboratory of almost 200 scientists, engineers, and administrators. Prior to GSL, DaNa worked at the Weather Program Office (WPO) in Washington, DC where he was the founding program manager of the Earth Prediction Innovation Center (EPIC) program. DaNa enjoys the fact that he’s able to work between science, policy, and society to ensure better products and services to the American people. 

DaNa attended “The Mecca” Howard University in Washington, DC where he obtained a Bachelor’s of Science degree in Chemistry (2000), as well as a MS (2002) and PhD (2007) in Atmospheric Sciences. In 2007, DaNa was the 2nd African American male to receive his PhD in Atmospheric Sciences from Howard University. 

DaNa is originally from Tulsa, OK where he developed a love for science and math at an early age and in 2018 was inducted into the Booker T. Washington High School Distinguished Hall of Fame. As an active member of the community, DaNa serves as Chair of the American Meteorological Society Forecast Improvement Group. In his spare time, DaNa enjoys cheering for his favorite sports team the Oklahoma Sooners, mentoring and coaching students, and spending time with his family. DaNa is married to Dr. Lydia Carlis, Chief People and Program Officer at Acelero Learning and Founder/CEO of Eyemagination Enterprises LLC, and they have a daughter, Dia Carlis, who is earning a Master’s degree at Georgia State University.