Scott M. Mackaro

Scott M. Mackaro

The availability of resources and programs for career advancement are key value propositions for any professional society. AMS has made impressive strides in recent years to begin implementing such programs. Careers in the atmospheric and related sciences continue to evolve faster than ever, and so will the need for robust professional development programs and services for its existing and new members. My experience in professional development, extending now for more than two decades and including a certification in professional development coaching, will benefit AMS and enable me to champion the growth and refinement of existing programs while also supporting the implementation of new initiatives. Professional development is very much a journey, and AMS can and should be a leading source for mentoring, career exploration, professional and soft-skill development, and network growth for all stages of a member’s career.

Second, I would want to foster greater sisterhood and brotherhood among all AMS members and constituents. My own career has been a winding path of opportunity extending across all sectors of our field. I’ve been fortunate to have the AMS community as the common thread during my transition from academia, through my exposure to the public sector, and into the private sector, where I have been part of multiple startups and corporations across a variety of fields. Along the way, I have experienced a continued misunderstanding and sometimes mistrust across sectors of the Weather Enterprise. We share the same passion, education, and impact-driven goals, but often leverage different funding sources and thus different operating procedures, lingo, and rule sets. At the same time, technology has taken enormous leaps and weather, water, and climate challenges continue to grow. Our society has immense opportunity to continue to make a meaningful impact, but we must get there together. I hope to work with leaders across all sectors to bridge gaps, bring clarity and understanding, and support unification of our society for the betterment of science—together. 

Scott Mackaro is the vice president of Science & Innovation at AccuWeather, where he leads teams and strategies required to meet global consumer and business needs while ensuring strong meteorological and data science foundations across all products and offerings. 

Mackaro received his Bachelor of Science degree in meteorology from Millersville University of Pennsylvania in 2001 and his Master of Science and Doctor of Philosophy degrees from the University of Alabama in Huntsville in 2003 and 2008, respectively. 

Mackaro began his career in meteorology as a faculty member in the Department of Earth Science at Metropolitan State College of Denver. He then served as a postdoc at the NOAA laboratory in Boulder where he focused on OSSE and HWRF development. In 2010, he transitioned into private industry. Since then, Mackaro has served in multiple roles across a variety of industries. He was a founding member of the wind energy startup, Precision Wind; an applied meteorologist and program manager for Vaisala; and a product manager and director of key accounts for the agricultural analytics company, ClearAg. In these roles, Mackaro established himself as a driven and passionate leader, known for bringing people, technology, and organizations together to solve complex challenges. 

Mackaro has been active within AMS since 2001, serving on and leading numerous committees and boards. These engagements have offered him the personally rewarding opportunity to mentor dozens of students and professionals over the past two decades. Outside of AMS, he is actively engaged in the startup community, actively advising two impact-oriented startups, supporting entrepreneurship across the U.S., and routinely offering insight and perspective to anyone who asks. Mackaro is also a certified professional development coach, passionate about working with, developing, understanding, and engaging people. He put significant effort into helping STEM professionals grow personally and professionally