Heidi M. Centola

Heidi M. Centola

The challenges facing the Society are rapidly changing as the weather, water, and climate enterprise evolves. Several that warrant special attention at this critical juncture are bridging the knowledge gap from university to the workforce, scientific integrity, diversity of perspectives, and communication. AMS needs to be agile, adaptable, and transformative in tackling the impacts on the Society. First, strong communication across the enterprise and with our business stakeholders is critical and should be built from a diversification of membership.

Diversity is multidimensional and essential to advance collaborative discussion and scientific innovation. AMS offers a unique venue for collaboration. We should harness this opportunity to openly share and discuss the topics of impact and importance where everyone has a voice. Bridging this gap plays a key role in strengthening relationships across the enterprise and scientific competencies.

With the advent of new information technology and the myriad of available data sources, scientific integrity is increasingly important. AMS is a major conduit in maintaining the integrity of the science as well as the scientific process. The commitment from the entire enterprise is essential in combating misinformation while maintaining “truth in science,” which is one of the core values of the AMS Mission. As thought leaders, we embrace the evolution of the enterprise, and together we can empower all members to synergistically address the challenges facing the Society today.

I am truly honored to be among my fellow nominees for AMS Council. If elected, I will focus on fostering a welcoming team environment with open communication and transparency by leveraging my experience leading the planning and execution of the AMS Washington Forum and applying learnings from participating in the Mind the Gap Workshop. I will also work to aid in the reinvention of the value that AMS provides to its members, which is critical to the success of the Society now and in the future. We are AMS!


Heidi Centola has served as senior account executive, New Markets, of IBM Weather Business Solutions since March 2018. She is responsible for helping facilitate and grow strategic partnerships in CPG, retail, and travel industries as well as agribusiness.

Prior to joining IBM-The Weather Company, Heidi gained more than 15 years’ experience in professional meteorology and business development. She most recently served as a senior business development manager for Schneider Electric Cloud Services (DTN), where she facilitated strategic partnerships both internally and externally to aid in the growth of the energy management and sustainability businesses through organic innovation and custom weather solutions for segments such as retail and healthcare. Heidi also worked as the manager of the Agricultural and Alternative Investment Products at CME Group, focused on the volume growth development of the CME Group global weather futures and options, global dairy products, and alternative investment products. In this role, she collaborated with large institutional traders and brokers across the globe, including but not limited to corporate commercials, hedge funds, banks, reinsurance/insurance, and energy companies. Prior to her work at CME Group, Heidi served as manager, strategic relations, for Earth Networks, as well as working as a senior account executive for WeatherBug, with a focus on energy trading. Her background also includes various client-facing roles with WSI, where she played an integral role in the growth and development of the energy offer to traders and utilities.


Centola holds a B.S. degree in meteorology with a minor in technical mathematics from Plymouth State University in New Hampshire. She is the past chair of both the AMS Board on Enterprise Economic Development and the AMS Energy Committee. She also served on the Board of Directors for the Weather Risk Management Association