Maureen McCann

Maureen McCann


Connecting academic research, commercial innovation, and governmental programs to societal benefit is critical to building greater public trust and credibility. Communication and collaboration across all sectors of our diverse membership are key to addressing the myriad challenges in today’s society in order to educate and inform the public and reinforce the integrity of science. AMS must continue to be inclusive and encourage diverse voices so that all disciplines feel welcome under the AMS umbrella.

We have seen how interdisciplinary collaboration can achieve great results, and through our interactions, we can serve a broader network as the Society expands further into policy, emergency management, public health, and energy. More opportunities will arise for collaboration and partnerships, growing our membership into new areas.

As Commissioner on Professional Affairs, I have seen the strategic vision of the Society blossom into new cross-commission efforts like the AMS Early Career Leadership Academy and the Certified AMS Teacher program. As president, I would continue to support these initiatives and encourage more synergies among commissions, boards, and committees. I will also strive to honor the late Matt Parker’s vision of growing the AMS certification programs.

One of my greatest passions is connecting with students and early-career professionals, especially women and underrepresented minorities. These vibrant and enthusiastic members are the future of our Society. One of my primary missions is to advocate for these groups by engaging graduates and ensuring abundant mentorship opportunities. Fostering growth and progress through the talents and strengths of our members pays dividends for individuals, institutions, sectors, the Society, and the public.

My AMS participation began when I walked into an Annual Meeting as an undergraduate assistant, knowing no one. I instantly felt “at home” as I connected with other students and professionals. Since then, AMS has enriched my career with immeasurable professional and personal fulfillment. I am honored to appear on the ballot for consideration as your president-elect. If elected to serve, I will provide a positive environment based on support, encouragement, communication, and transparency. I would be grateful for this chance to continue giving back to our wonderful, welcoming, and expanding community.


Maureen McCann

Maureen McCann is a broadcast meteorologist at Spectrum News 13 in Orlando, Florida. In addition to her on-air role, McCann is a Certified Instructor with the National Disaster Preparedness Training Center, teaching FEMA curriculum on hazardous weather to emergency managers, public officials, community leaders, first responders, and the general public. She has been serving as the AMS Commissioner on Professional Affairs since 2016.

McCann shares a hometown with the AMS; she was born and raised in the Boston area. She received a Bachelor of Science degree in atmospheric science from Cornell University in 2002 and a Master’s in emergency and crisis management from the University of Central Florida (UCF) in 2020. She is working toward a Graduate Certificate in geographic information systems, also at UCF, with expected completion in December 2021.

McCann began her broadcasting career at WABI-TV5 in Bangor, Maine, followed by WTVH-5 in Syracuse, New York, and News 8 Austin in Austin, Texas. She then moved to Denver, Colorado, for a position at KMGH. In Denver, she earned an Emmy Award and Colorado Broadcaster’s Association Award for a storm-chasing series following the late Tim Samaras and his research group. She has been with Spectrum News 13 since 2013.

Her AMS involvement started as a student assistant at the 2001 and 2002 Annual Meetings. She has participated in local chapters in Central New York, Central Texas, Denver/Boulder, and Central Florida. She served a term on the AMS Broadcast Board, and was chair in 2013. As Commissioner on Professional Affairs, she maintains roles with the Awards Oversight Committee, Planning Commission, Early Career Leadership Academy, and Mentoring365 working group. She has served on draft committees for the Task Force on Certifications, Task Force on Leadership Development, and the recently revised AMS Statement on Media Expectations in Severe Weather. McCann earned the CBM designation in 2008 and CCM in 2016. She was designated a Fellow of the AMS in January 2021.

Outside of AMS, McCann has been a member of local Rotary clubs since 2014. She holds membership with the Irish Meteorological Society and National Weather Association.