2020 AMS Elections

It’s once again election season at AMS.

The 2020 candidates for AMS President-elect are Richard Clark of Millersville University and Julie Winkler of Michigan State University, and this year’s candidates for AMS councilor are: Private sector—Joan Alexander, Paul Gross, Peter Neilley; Government sector—Linnea Avallone, Mark DeMaria, James Hansen; Academic sector—Shuyi Chen, Efi Foufoula-Georgiou, Andrea Lang.

When voting for councilors, members should choose one candidate from each sector group and an additional candidate from any group. The candidate with the highest vote count in each sector group will be elected, along with the candidate with the most votes after those three.

To help the membership select its leaders, the Society asked the candidates, “What do you see as the challenges facing the Society, and how would you address them if elected?” Following are their responses, along with a brief biographical sketch of each candidate.

*Full members include: members, members with student privileges, members from countries with developing economies, and early career members