AMS Council and Executive Committee


The Council is the principal governing body of the Society.  It consists of the elective officers, the last two Past-Presidents, and 15 other voting members of the Society, each elected for a three-year term, with one-third retiring each year.  Councilors are eligible for reelection but not to consecutive terms.  The Executive Director and Secretary–Treasurer shall be members of the Council ex-officio and without the power to vote.

The Council is in general charge of the affairs of the Society, responsible for ensuring that reasonable actions are taken to accomplish the objectives of the Society outlined in the Constitution and Bylaws.

Executive Committee

Executive Committee Members

The Executive Committee is composed of the President, who shall be the chair, the President-Elect, who shall be the vice-chair, the two most immediate Past Presidents, and two additional members of the Council other than those named above, who shall be elected by majority vote of the Council, one each year for a term of two years.  The Executive Director and Secretary–Treasurer, both ex-officio and without power to vote, also shall be members of the Executive Committee.  It is the executive arm of the Council, reporting to the Council and conducting the affairs of the Society within the limits of the powers conferred on it by the Council.

AMS Statement on Open Meetings
All meetings of AMS committees, boards, and the Council are, in principle, open to members of the Society, although portions of some meetings may be held in executive session when dealing with personnel issues, awards, or other matters of confidential nature.

As a matter of courtesy and to ensure adequately sized meeting rooms, members wishing to observe a particular committee, board, or Council meeting should contact its chairperson in advance. Members may request a place on the agenda by following a similar procedure. Please feel free to contact AMS Headquarters for assistance.