Named Symposia

15 May Deadline
The AMS Statement on Policy, Guidelines, and Procedures for Awards and Lectureships, Section E: Policy on Named Conferences/Symposia and Special Issues of AMS Journals states:

“Recognition of scientists in the fields served by the AMS, living or deceased, in the form of a named conference or symposium or a named special issue of one of the Society’s journals is an honor reserved for only the most outstanding of our colleagues. It should be awarded only to those individuals who are completing a career, or who have recently died having completed a career, of significant achievements in their field and whose contributions would make them worthy of consideration for Honorary Member of AMS.

Proposals for either a named conference/symposium or special issue, including the nature of the content for the conference/symposium or special issue that justifies its naming, should be submitted to the STAC Commissioner or Publications Commissioner, respectively...”