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Photo of Hijikawa-Arashi

Numerical Modeling Study of Hijikawa-Arashi

A thermally driven nocturnal gap wind, the Hijikawa-Arashi, is studied with a fine-resolution model in a new paper in the Journal of Applied Meteorology and Climatology.

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Frontal Systems Passing over a Coastal Mountain Range
Frontal Systems Passing over a Coastal Mountain Range

A new study in the Journal of the Atmospheric Sciences uses airborne precipitation radar data, surface precipitation measurements, and particle size distributions from the OLYMPEX field campaign to examine the vertical structure and microphysical characteristics of frontal systems passing over a three-dimensional coastal mountain range.

Landslide Identification in Nepal
Landslide Identification in Nepal

A new study in Earth Interactions describes an approach to landslide identification using an automated satellite-based product.

Framework for Sustained National Climate Assessment
Framework for Sustained National Climate Assessment

AMS publishes report dropped by federal government.

Centennial Monograph Chapter Reveal
Centennial Monograph Chapter Reveal

The Centennial Monograph is taking shape! Visit our chapter reveal board to see the 10 chapters that have been published so far. More chapters will be published in the coming weeks, so check back often to see the latest additions.