LaTeX Submissions

Attention! New AMS LaTeX files are available! Please use the latest version (v5.0) of the AMS LaTeX template.

Please read the documentation accompanying the AMS LaTeX files and the instructions below. If your question is not answered in the documentation, instructions, or FAQs, please contact

The AMS LaTeX support team is available to help resolve issues related to the use of AMS LaTeX files for submissions to the AMS and the submission of AMS LaTeX files to the Editorial Manager system. Please note that we are unable to devote resources to answering other general LaTeX questions or to troubleshoot issues with non-AMS templates.

Upgrade to TeX Live 2019

If you have not already done so, we recommend that you upgrade to TeX Live 2019. We also suggest to authors to use the TeXworks editor that is included in the TeX Live download. If your PDF compiles in TeXworks running TeX Live 2019, then it should compile correctly when you submit your files to Editorial Manager.

Common LaTeX Submission Issues

Below are some of the most common problems authors face when submitting a LaTeX manuscript to Editorial Manager:

  • Missing files: Be sure to include all template and source files when uploading your files to the EM system, including ametsoc.cls or ametsocV5.cls, ametsoc2014.bst, and all figure files.
  • Incorrect item type: All figure files should be designated with EM’s “Rendered Figure” item type. All LaTeX files uploaded to EM must have the item type “LaTeX File (.tex, .sty, .cls, .bst, .bib).”
  • Duplicate files: If you upload your LaTeX source files, do not upload a PDF of your LaTeX paper.
  • Incorrect file type: Do not upload a .bbl file. You must either upload the .bib file or the contents of the .bbl file should be pasted into your .tex file.
  • Directory paths in figures: All directory paths need to be removed from figure names (e.g., \includegraphics[width=28pc]{fig1.pdf}, NOT \includegraphics[width=28pc]{myfigures/fig1.pdf}).
  • Extra periods or underscores in figure file names: All periods in figure file names should be removed, except for those preceding the file extension. The EM system will read anything after the first period as the file extension. Therefore, figure names with additional periods will prevent your PDF from building properly. Underscores should also be removed, as these can sometimes be read as math commands, causing an error and preventing your PDF from building.
  • Unicode characters: Unicode characters that are not compatible with LaTeX are often inserted when text is copied from another source and is pasted into a .tex or .bib file. These characters need to be replaced with the appropriate character or defined in the preamble of the .tex file using the \DeclareUnicodeCharacter command. See #10 in the FAQ.
  • Missing figures or tables: Commands such as \newpage, \pagebreak, \clearpage, and \eject appearing before figures and tables can conflict with endfloat when the PDF is built in Editorial Manager, causing tables and figures to be missing from the built PDF. These commands are not necessary in the AMS template (as figures and tables will already appear on their own pages) and should be removed.
Preparing a LaTeX Manuscript for Submission
Troubleshooting Your Editorial Manager Submission
FAQ for LaTeX Authors
Documentation for AMS LaTeX template
LaTeX Template

(zip) Version 5.0, released 1/2/2020

NOTE: Version 5.0 is the most up-to-date version; please replace any older saved files on your own computer with this version.