BAMS Page Charges

All sections and submission types within BAMS, with the exception of Letters to the Editor, Comments, and Replies, are subject to page charges. The author's institution is expected to honor these charges.

The page charges outlined below include both print and online publication. Meeting Summaries will be billed at $50 per page. Manuscripts that include Supplemental Material will be billed a flat $50 feel to support the archiving of content. (Note this fee and Supplemental Material processing has been updated as of January 1, 2022. Authors who submitted a full manuscript containing supplemental material before 01/01/2022 can contact with any questions regarding charge estimates or refer to the Supplemental Material information page.)

Authors are required to complete the Initial Estimation Worksheet at initial submission and are required to complete the Publication Charge Form after acceptance. 

Page Charges

So that all sectors of the Society can participate in publishing in BAMS, a low page charge is assessed for the first four printed pages. The higher page charges assessed for longer articles allow the charges associated with color printing to be spread among all authors so that color can be used generously in the publication.

BAMS encourages the use of color by authors and does not levy additional charges for color figures.

Pages or media type Charge
Pages 1–4 $105 per page
Pages 5–8 $290 per page
Pages 9+ $405 per page
Meeting Summaries $50 per page
Supplemental Material (for full manuscripts submitted on or after 01/01/2022) $50 per manuscript
Rich media files for BAMS Digital Edition $20 per file
Color cover * $2,150

* For details on providing a cover image, see Cover Figure for BAMS or contact Managing Editor Bryan Hanssen.


Reprints are available at an additional charge. All articles published in BAMS are available on AMS Journals Online. The BAMS portion of this online collection does not require a subscription and is open to all, providing even broader dissemination of the articles published in BAMS.

Articles are also part of the BAMS Digital Edition which offers members-only cover-to-cover online access to BAMS.

Required Forms

These forms must be opened and completed with Adobe Reader or Acrobat. If needed, you may download Adobe Reader for free. If you are having trouble downloading the forms below, please right-click or control-click on the link to the form and select "Save Link As."

Download the BAMS Initial Estimation Worksheet as a PDF

BAMS Initial Estimation Worksheet

Required for new submissions

Download PDF

Download the BAMS Publication Charge Form as a PDF

BAMS Publication Charge Form

Required after acceptance

Download PDF