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Education Program

AMS can help you educate the next generation of atmospheric, oceanic, and hydrologic scientists and professionals. Over 100,000 teachers and millions of students have benefited from the training programs, workshops, and undergraduate courses that we offer.

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K-12 Teachers

Learn about AMS's K-12 teacher training and instructional resources that build your skills while helping your students learn to love science, technology, and mathematics by using real-world data.

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Undergraduate Faculty

Give your undergraduate students access to top weather, oceans, and climate courses that use live, real-world environmental data as part of our comprehensive introductory courses.

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AMS Weather Education Resources

Love the weather? AMS connects weather enthusiasts of all ages with resources and information to fuel your interests.

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Career Resources

AMS helps support your career whether you’re a student or an experienced professional in the private, public, or academic sector. Our career building resources help you keep up with new technologies, competition in the workforce, and continuous changes in the weather, water, and climate sciences.

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Reach Your Full Potential

AMS is proud to partner with AGU, SEG, and AWG to offer mentoring opportunities in the Earth and space sciences through the new Mentoring365 program.


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CBM AMS Certification

AMS Certifications

AMS offers national recognized certifications that serve the public's need to identify broadcast and consulting meteorologists who have achieved a high level of competency in communicating complex weather, water, and climate information. 

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CCM AMS Certification