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The Bulletin of the American Meteorological Society (BAMS), the flagship magazine of AMS, has been publishing news and peer-reviewed science for a century. Ranked #3 in the field for journal impact, BAMS continues to be the publication of choice for researchers looking to reach the entire AMS membership. The magazine moves forward in its second century as a multichannel print, digital, and multimedia showcase for the entire weather, water, and climate community online and in social media.


The Readers You Reach

As the AMS membership magazine, BAMS covers a wide scope of topics for a diverse community of readers—researchers, students, teachers, and practitioners. BAMS publishes a unique selection of high-quality, high-impact, high-interest papers to represent the advances and issues of the AMS community.

But BAMS also reaches beyond the immediate AMS community to policy makers, the media, and ultimately, the public that funds and applies our science. As a result, publishing with BAMS is more than just getting a paper chosen, accepted, and posted.

The BAMS editorial team will collaborate with you to disseminate your work to a wider audience in our open-access journal online, in our engaging magazine in both print and digital formats, and in an array of social media and Web communications. This multiplatform approach goes beyond helping you share authoritative science as widely as possible: it helps build knowledge and foster collaborations within your community and with the world.

Our multiplatform BAMS stems from editing the publication for the reader’s sake. To optimize your work in three different styles of communication for, essentially, three different types of readers, BAMS will

  1. Deliver timely, open-access, in-depth, citable, peer-reviewed articles online for professionals engaged directly in related research and services.
  2. Offer short, compelling versions of these articles for print—aimed at informing a busy AMS community.
  3. Turn the ideas and findings in these articles into online, multimedia learning and commentary to serve a fast-paced, interested public browsing the Web and social media on mobile devices.


What to Expect When You Submit to BAMS: The New Multiplatform Process

Writing for BAMS begins when authors send proposals for peer-reviewed articles. Editors invite submissions based on these proposals in order to represent the wide range of advances and issues relevant to our community. The proposal process also provides authors with guidance before peer review. Articles need to be sufficiently urgent, important, accessible, and interesting: in short, rewarding enough to persuade a broad range of people--not just specialists--to read.

From there, authors will experience a new three-step process of publishing in a multichannel BAMS:

  1. We provide a rigorous peer review by some of the most prominent scientists in our community, just as with every AMS journal. Articles that are ultimately accepted are published and archived quickly in BAMS online in complete and final form for citation, archiving, and in-depth reading. Final form publication is expected within approximately six weeks of acceptance. As always, these papers are open access in PDFs and on the Web.
  2. The articles are condensed, abridged, and if necessary, otherwise adapted by the editorial staff to appear in the printed BAMS magazine as well as in the online archive. These shorter adaptations are usually 5 or fewer printed pages and are likely to be printed 4 to 6 months after the article manuscript is accepted. Contact the editorial staff ( upon final acceptance of the article through peer review if you wish to prepare your own print adaptation of your article or have other questions about this adaptation process. Authors will receive proofs of the print adaptation and proofs of the full online article during production.
  3. Ultimately people need to watch, listen to, interact with, and share your work as well. BAMS will create multimedia and other content based on your articles, for the AMS blog, The Front Page, and AMS social media. BAMS staff and volunteers on the new BAMS Board of Contributing Editors will initiate this content; however, they will likely reach out to the corresponding author for assistance in this process, soon after acceptance. Authors may be asked for additional images or information, possibly for participation in an audio or video interviews. This is a time for you to flex your creativity as a communicator. Authors are encouraged to write, create a visualization, or otherwise prepare audiovisual content. Contact the BAMS staff ( for further guidelines.


Ready to reach your audience?


Topics Covered in BAMS

BAMS selects and publishes articles covering the full range of findings, achievements, and issues in the weather, water, and climate community, including

  • research developments and priorities
  • operational (including forecasting) developments and priorities
  • field program design, implementation, findings, and evaluation
  • scientific findings, theories, and issues of general interest
  • applications, technologies, services, and resources
  • social science insights and related expertise of significance to AMS members
  • historical perspectives, including memoirs and biographical studies
  • developments defining AMS disciplines—at their intersections and expanding boundaries
  • educational, workforce, and policy issues for the weather, water, and climate community
  • insightful commentary and context
  • meeting/workshop summaries (see special guidelines)

BAMS also welcomes

  • applications of scientific knowledge for public benefit
  • innovative commercial ventures
  • innovative collaborations and multidisciplinary work
  • analyses of emerging markets for sciences and services
  • societal impacts of atmospheric, oceanic, and hydrologic processes
  • adaptation, mitigation, and prevention related to such impacts

BAMS Article Types

Please view the different article types for BAMS on Choosing a Journal and Submission Type.

Writing for BAMS

The BAMS editors have assembled a writing guide to help you communicate effectively to your audience.

Publishing in BAMS

Proposal Stage

A proposal is required for most article types and should be submitted before writing the full article.


Page Charges

BAMS has a separate page charge structure from the Journals.


Cover Image

Authors can propose a full-color cover image for an issue.


Your BAMS Submission

  • If you have a question about content to be submitted, please write to
  • If you are seeking support for the submission process, please write to
  • If you have a question regarding peer review, please write to Andrea Herbst-Horner.
  • Please be aware that revisions are expected from authors within one or two months of the initial decision (one month for minor revisions and two months for major revisions). Authors may be granted a longer revision period for complex revisions or may be granted an extension by the editor in charge of the manuscript in appropriate circumstances.
  • If you have production-related concerns after your article has been accepted, first read Author Responsibilities during Production. You may also contact with any questions.
  • Please also be aware that BAMS production generally requires up to five months from acceptance to the final publication in the print issue.