Proceedings of a Symposium Commemorating the Fortieth Anniversary of D-Day

Omaha Beach, D-Day

Never in history, before or since, has so much turned on a weather forecaster’s skill.

June Bacon-Bercey, Program Chair

The proceedings of a symposium commemorating the fortieth anniversary of the June 6, 1944 D-Day invasion of Europe by the Allied Forces, are now available in a volume (download as a PDF) entitled Some Meteorological Aspects of the D-Day Invasion of Europe 6 June 1944: Proceedings of a Symposium 19 May 1984, Fort Ord, California (edited by Roger H. Shaw and William Innes).

The symposium focused specifically the meteorological aspects of Operation Overlord, and weathermen who were a part of the operation shared their memories. The volume contains the formal presentations, correspondence received from several individuals involved in the D-Day forecast, and a panel discussion with Irving Krick, Karl Johannessen, George Robinson, Charles Bates, Robert Allen, and John Fuller.  

The symposium was sponsored by four chapters of the American Meteorological Society: the Monterey Peninsula, Northern California, Sacramento, and San Jose State chapters.

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