Key Issues

AMS REC members include meteorologists and engineers, wind plant developers and operators, consultants, government labs, and academics. This makes the REC a great place to identify current and future issues related to weather and climate in the world of renewable energy, and work together to make an impact. Follow the links to find out what we're doing.

Design Conditions
  • How are renewable energy resources measured and estimated today, and how might we change those in the future?
  • Do we know enough about the conditions that the facility really experiences?
  • How are generation facilities and transmission protected from lightning
Weather Forecasting for Renewables
  • How accurate are forecasts at predicting plant performance?
  • How can forecasts be improved?
  • How are forecasts actually used?
The Effect of Atmospheric Conditions on Wind Plants
  • Why do wind conditions change across a wind plant, or with time?
  • How do changing wind conditions impact plant performance?
  • How can we plan for changing wind conditions?
The use of remote sensing in wind energy projects
  • How do you replace met towers with remote sensing?
  • How good is remote sensing compared to other measurements?
  • What can you do with remote sensing, that you couldn't do otherwise?