Board for Operational Government Meteorologists

The Board for Operational Government Meteorologists (BOGM) is dedicated to serving operational meteorologists working at all levels of government, including Federal, Military, State, and Local levels. While fully committed to support AMS efforts to bring together and foster public/private partnership activities in the provision of weather and climate services, our focus is on government meteorologists. We represent your concerns to the AMS and advocate for your interests.

Latest News

  • BOGM plans to particuate jointly with Weather Analysis and Forecasting committee and Board of Higher Education to host a town hall meeting in January 2015 at the annual conference. The town hall with have a panel of experts to discuss career enhancement opportuntiies for students in meteorology and hydrology. 
  • BOGM holds its 3rd virtual conference with an AMS Webinar on October 30, 2014. Trisha Palmer, Paul Frisbie and Alex Tardyfacilitated and organized the event. The agenda consisted of a diverse set of presenters from 2014 annual meeting.
  • David Novak, Jay Martinelli, Trisha Palmer, Rick Knabb, and Owen Shea attended the BOGM luncheon at the AMS 2014 in Atlanta
  • David Novak term expired and was replaced by Alex Tardy. Thanks to Dave for a successfull term! 
  • A successfull and well attended (800 students) Career Fair at the Annual AMS Conference was held with a BOGM booth in 2014.
  • A highly talked about Town Hall was held by BOGM at the 2014 Annual AMS Conference with keynote speaker Cliff Mass. The theme was discussion at NOAA Weather Modeling Forum.
  • In May 2013, the BOGM hosted the second Post-Conference Webinar following the January 2013 Conference. There were 9 keynote speakers that covered diverse topics including, extreme weather and climate, societal impacts, and high resolution numerical weather prediction. The webinar organizer and mediator was Alex Tardy.
  • The BOGM sponsed a Town Hall Meeting at the January 2013 AMS Annual Conference held in Austin, TX. Rick Knabb and Amy Godsey were part of the expert panelists. 
  • Amy Godsey staffed an AMS Career Fair booth at the January 2013 annual meeting. 
  • The BOGM hosted the first Virtual Workshop following the June 2012 AMS/CMOS Numerical Weather Prediction/Weather Analysis and Forecasting conference in Montreal, Canada. There were 8 diverse speakers who had prsesented at AMS/CMOS.  The variety of topics ranged from decision support services in Canada to NCEP, ERSL and Environment Canada numerical weather prediction. The webinar organizer and mediator was Alex Tardy.
  • BOGM is on Facebook in 2012!
  • The BOGM sponsored a Town Hall Meeting at the January 2011 AMS Annual Meeting in Seattle, WA, co-sponsored with the conferences on Weather Analysis and Forecasting and Numerical Weather Prediction. The topic of the meeting was "The Role of the Forecaster in Probabilistic Decision Making" and will build on the annual meeting theme of "Communicating Weather and Climate" by faciliating a discussion among forecasters, researchers, and social scientists on methods of communicating forecast uncertainty.
  • The BOGM sponsored a presentation at the 9th Annual Student Conference in Atlanta, GA. Trisha Palmer, a forecaster at the NWS Forecast Office in Peachtree City, GA spoke to students about government career opportunities and the application process.
  • Two BOGM members participate annually in the selection of a community member for the AMS Reichelderfer Award, honoring "contributions to the provision of operational environmental services to the public".
  • We conduct teleconferences on a bi-monthly basis and formal meetings once per year.