Minutes of the November 20, 2006 Meeting
Smoky Mountain AMS Chapter

The November meeting of the Smoky Mountain Chapter of the American Meteorological Society was held on the 20th, with everyone (around ten people) meeting first for dinner at Barley's Taproom in the Old City of Knoxville. The meeting then reconvened at our usual room on the UT Ag campus for a talk by Dr. Mac Post of the Oak Ride National Laboratories. Dr. Post spoke about "Stalking the Wild North America Terrestrial Carbon Sink". The following was an abstract of his presentation: "Several lines of evidence indicate that North American terrestrial natural ecosystems are removing 600 (plus or minus 300) million tons of carbon per year as CO2 from the atmosphere. The entire northern hemisphere may be removing as much as 1,500 million tons of carbon. These estimates are derived from indirect analyses of atmospheric CO2 concentration measurements (top-down analyses) or from extrapolation of relatively sparse ground based measurements (bottom-up analyses). One approach to improving bottom-up analyses is to utilize process based ecosystem carbon cycle models in combination with experiments, monitoring, and remote sensing. This approach has the potential to determine the underlying factors that regulate the past, present, and future magnitude of terrestrial carbon uptake. An analysis of the terrestrial ecosystem carbon exchange with the atmosphere over the period 1930-2100 was constructed using a high performance computer model. The major uncertainties that need to be addressed were also discussed."

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