Minutes of the May 17, 2010 Meeting
Smoky Mountain AMS Chapter

Around fifteen to twenty members met in Oak Ridge for a tour of the NOAA Atmospheric Turbulence and Diffusion Division (ATDD). Everyone first ate at “Big Ed’s Pizza”, a long-standing Oak Ridge tradition that everyone seemed to enjoy. After dinner, Ed Dumas showed everyone the various towers and equipment on the outside grounds of the ATDD facility. He explained some of the ATDD projects that have been done in the past and some of the present day projects being worked on. These ATDD experiments are not just local, with other experiments in several parts of the country right now. Everyone also toured the working area, which involved a wind tunnel often used for experiments.

After Ed walked everyone through the working area as well as the outside grounds, ATDD Director Bruce Baker gave a presentation about the ATDD and their work in California and Washington, in addition to things being done in the local area. He showed everyone some very interesting work being done with precipitation measurements, wind shields, wind directions and speeds, as well as some other projects currently being worked on.

At the close of the meeting, Jesse Miller (departing president) announced the new officers for this upcoming year: Ed Dumas as President, Ernie Roberts as Vice President, and Bob Becker continuing as Treasurer.

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