Minutes of the May 19, 2003 Meeting
Smoky Mountain AMS Chapter

Everyone met at Calhoun's on the River in downtown Knoxville around 6:15 PM. After dinner, the meeting commenced at the Ag. Engr. Bldg. on the UT Ag. campus around 8 PM. Steve Brooks (Atmospheric Scientist of NOAA's Atmospheric Turbulence and Diffusion Division in Oak Ridge) spoke on "The Barrow Mercury Study":

"The Barrow Arctic Mercury Study (BAMS), ongoing since 1998, researches the processes influencing atmospheric and snowpack mercury content in Arctic Alaska. Our major reported discovery thus far is the rapid oxidation of gaseous elemental mercury (which arrives in the Arctic by long range atmospheric transport from lower latitudes) by atomic bromine (from marine photolyzable bromine sources), and the subsequent mercury deposition to the snowpack, where springtime mercury concentrations often exceed 200ng/liter.

This Spring our study expanded to include a DOAS system (University of East Anglia, British Antarctic Survey) at Barrow with continuous measurements of BrO and IO profiles; a gradient method flux system for the re-emission of mercury from the snowpack; and mercury measurements and ice studies at the US Navy's ICEX03 sea-ice camp, located roughly 200km north-east of Barrow.

The talk will included many stories and photos (people, camp life, and wildlife) from the recently ended three-week "Science Period" at the 2003 Navy Sea-Ice camp."

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