Minutes of the March 15, 1999 Meeting
Smoky Mountain AMS Chapter

The meeting was called to order at 7:40 P.M. There were 20 members present.
  1. Constitution: input, corrections and suggestions will be done via e-mail

  2. New members were asked to pay dues. The financial reported a balance of $189.50 in the checking account.

  3. Ray Hoskins suggested that we award a student at the Regional Science Fair. T. J. Blasing is looking for a volunteer to select the recipient at the Science Fair on April 6 for the NOAA's plaque for best meteorology related project.

  4. Committees needed:
    • Program committee - determine meeting places and speakers
    • Science and education committee - what should we be doing to expand educational activities
    • Nominating committee - nominate candidates for upcoming elections
    • Publicity committee - contact newspapers, radio, etc.

  5. Other items of business:
    • Matt Hinkin posed a question: How may were at the first meeting and how many have dropped out? Can we find out? Maybe we need a member sign-in sheet for each meeting.
    • Regional Science Fair. Let's award a student with a project related to atmospheric science. We need to announce this to the schools early on next year. We can contact the schools via e-mail. This would be a job for the publicity and science/education committees.
    • Next meeting - May 17th
    • Will Pendergrass - ETOS program. It's operating on a shoestring budget. They're looking for additional researchers to participate in the project.

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