Minutes of the December 1, 1998 Meeting
Smoky Mountain AMS Chapter

The second meeting of the Smoky Mountain Chapter (SMC) of the American Meteorological Society was held on Tuesday evening, approximately 7:00 to 9:00 P.M. at Ryan's restaurant in Oak Ridge. About 18 people attended.

Following dinner, Jerry McDuffie opened discussion of business items. Three important committees were formed. The Constitutional Committee is comprised of Steve Parker and Ray Hosker; this committee will rewrite a sample chapter constitution from the High Plains Chapter to suit SMC needs, and will present a draft for discussion and eventual ratification by the SMC membership. When the constitution is approved, this committee will be dissolved.

The Planning Committee includes Mark Johnson, Dale Kaiser, Carmen Nappo, and Howard Waldron. There was general agreement that it would be good to have one or two additional members from different occupational backgrounds, to allow for more diverse viewpoints in planning for the SMC.

The Meeting Committee includes Matt Hinkin, Joanne Logan, Steve Parker, and Gary Worley. It was agreed that meetings should be held on a year-round basis about every two months, as also discussed at the initial meeting. However, the next meeting will be held on Monday evening, 7:00 P.M., 18 January 1999, in Knoxville, to put the bi-monthly meetings on a schedule that would not have too many summer meetings that would interfere with vacations. Mark Johnson agreed to try to find a suitable restaurant for this meeting.

It was moved and agreed that the dues for the SMC would be $10 per year, payable to the Secretary/Treasurer after that office if filled. We don't know if that amount is appropriate; it depends on whether we are able to use email to communicate with all members or whether postage will be necessary, on whether meetings are held mainly at restaurants or whether it will be necessary to purchase refreshments, and whether we decide to make awards to various students or student organizations who show special interest in the atmospheric sciences. The dues amount will be reviewed next year, and perhaps sooner, to see if changes are warranted.

Nominations were made for three officers. Ray Hosker, Joanne Logan, and Jerry McDuffie were nominated for SMC President. Wayne Hamberger, Mark Johnson, and Doug Lombardi were nominated for Vice-President. Ron Dobosy, David Gaffin, and Joanne Logan were nominated for Secretary/Treasurer. It was generally agreed that there were not enough people present to justify a vote. Therefore Ray Hosker agreed to send an email to everyone on the prospective membership list (now more than 60!) giving the names of the nominees along with a brief biography of each, and requesting that each recipient vote. Write-in candidates will also be accepted.

After the business items were completed, Ray Hosker gave a presentation on airborne meteorological measurement technologies that have been developed and are in use at NOAA's Atmospheric Turbulence and Diffusion Division, located in Oak Ridge.

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