(adopted 7 May 64; amended: 7 Dec 67, 12 Apr 73)


This organization shall be known as the SACRAMENTO CHAPTER of the American Meteorological Society. Hereafter in this Constitution it will be referred to as the Chapter, and the American Meteorological Society will be called the Society.


The objectives of the Chapter will be "The development and dissemination of the knowledge of meteorology in all its phases and applications, and the advancement of its professional ideals" which are the aims of the Society.


1. Anyone who has an interest in meteorological matters and who agrees to abide by the requirements of this Constitution becomes an active members upon the payment of dues.

2. Membership in the American Meteorological Society shall be encouraged in the appropriate categories, but not required.


1. All elective officers shall hold membership in the national Society.

2. The elective officers of this Chapter shall be Chairman, Vice-Chairman, and Secretary-Treasurer, and they shall be elected for one year, and will constitute the executive committee.

3. Officers shall be elected at the May meeting of the Chapter and immediate notification of those elected should be sent to the Society.

4. The succession of Officers is Chairman, Vice-Chairman and Secretary-Treasurer.


1. There shall be a nominating committee which will consist of the past three chairmen when possible.

2. There shall be an auditing committee which will consist of three members appointed by the Chairman.

3. The Chairman may appoint any other committees deemed necessary by him to execute the business of the Chapter.


1. Dues shall be a reasonable amount and sufficient to cover the activities of the Chapter as listed in the policy statements. They are due at the October meeting. (amended 7 Dec 67)

2. Anyone who has not paid his dues by the January meeting is automatically suspended from active membership until his dues are paid. He may become a member in good standing by paying his dues.


1. The Chapter will meet at regular monthly intervals except that there will be no regular meetings during July, August and September.

2. Regular meetings shall normally be held on the first Thursday of each month from October through June, inclusive, unless otherwise directed by the Chairman.

3. The annual meeting shall be the regular meeting in May.

4. All meetings shall be announced in writing to all members by the Secretary at least ten days prior to the meeting. The announcement will include the time, place and purpose of the meeting.

5. Special meetings may be called by the Chairman, or by a two-thirds vote of the members present at a regular meeting.


1. The Secretary-Treasurer shall receive and safely keep all funds of the Chapter.

2. The Secretary-Treasurer will at his discretion make all necessary disbursements required to meet the normal and regular expenses of the Chapter.

3. Any special disbursement shall require a majority vote of the quorum present at any regular meeting of the Chapter.

4. The Secretary-Treasurer shall be held accountable for all funds of the Chapter, and will be subject to audit by the auditing committee no later than the annual meeting in May.

5. Special assessments may be levied to cover the cost of Chapter obligations, but must require a two-thirds majority vote of the quorum present at any regular meeting of the Chapter.


1. A quorum is defined as thirty percent of the membership or ten members which ever is greater.

2. All members in good standing may vote.

3. A majority of a quorum present is required for the election of officers and for matters other than constitutional reforms.

4. A two-thirds majority of the membership is required for amendment of the Constitution.

5. Voting for officers shall be by secret ballot.



1. THE CHAIRMAN: It shall be the duty of the Chairman to preside at all meetings of the Chapter and to perform the duties usually pertaining to his office. He shall serve as parliamentarian at all business meetings and shall be responsible for the execution of the Chapter Constitution in all maters and business transacted by the Chapter.

2. VICE-CHAIRMAN: It shall be the duty of the Vice-Chairman to serve as Program Chairman for all regular meetings of the Chapter. In the absence or disability of the Chairman, the Vice-Chairman will perform the duties of the Chairman.

3. SECRETARY-TREASURER: The Secretary-Treasurer shall keep the minutes of all meetings and record same. He shall give notice of all meetings as provided in the constitution (Article VII-4), notify officers of election, and perform such other duties as his office may require or the Chairman may request. As Secretary-Treasurer, he shall have charge of the Chapter finances as provided under Article VIII of the Constitution.


1. Any member may hold office in the Chapter, who is a member in good standing and who is a member of the National Society.

2. No member shall hold the same office for more than twice in succession and the filling of an unexpired term shall, in this regard, be considered as a term of office.

3. Should an officer resign or otherwise vacate his office during the term of office, the Chairman shall appoint some member to fill the position temporarily. A special election shall be held at the next meeting to fill the vacancy.


At the regular meeting in April the Chairman shall appoint the following committee to report at the annual meeting in May:

(A) A nominating committee of three members as stipulated in the Constitution (Article V) to present a list of candidates for election as officers for the following year.

(B) An auditing committee of three members to examine and report on the correctness of the Secretary-Treasurer's accounts.


The order of business at all meetings of this Chapter shall be as follows:

1. Meeting called to order.

2. Circulation of attendance sheet among members and guests.

3. Introduction of visitors followed by Chairman's welcome to visitors.

4. Reading of minutes of previous meeting by the Secretary-Treasurer.

5. Reports of officers and committee chairman.

6. Unfinished business.

7. New business.

8. Program (addresses and/or entertainment).

9. Adjournment.


These By-laws may be amended by two-thirds majority of the membership.


The Roberts Rules of Order shall be the parliamentary authority on all matters not covered by the Constitution and/or the By-laws of the Chapter.


The chapter will consider nominations for the membership of persons who are outstanding meteorological students and/or persons who have made a noteworthy contribution of the field of meteorology.

Upon approval of the membership, the person will be honored with recognition by the chapter and presented with a certificate of achievement. (adopted unanimously on 12 Apr 73)


1. Policy statements listed herein are settled courses adopted and followed by the Chapter.

2. The adoption or deletion of any policy statements may be achieved by a two-thirds majority vote at any regular meeting at which a quorum is present.

3. The execution of Chapter desires expressed in these policy statements shall be the responsibility of the executive committee comprised of the current Chapter officers. They reserve the right to execute these policies at their discretion, but shall report to the membership any failure to abide by these policies and why.

(A) It shall be the policy of this Chapter to invite out-of-town guest speakers to dine out in company of local members. Cost of the guest's meal to be defrayed by the Treasury of the Chapter.

(B) It shall be the policy of the Chapter to hold an annual picnic for all members and their families. This picnic to be held during the moth of June whenever possible, in place of the regular June meeting.

(1) The Chapter shall provide the liquid refreshment.

(C) It shall be the policy of this Chapter to advise members of their "good standing" in the Chapter by presentation of a Membership Card.

(D) It shall be the policy of this Chapter that a representative at large to the Coordinating Committee of the California Chapters will be appointed by the Chairman to coordinate inter-chapter activities.

(E) It shall be the policy of this Chapter to maintain a Science Fair Committee.

This Constitution was adopted unanimously by mail ballot. That ballot was confirmed at the regular meeting on 7 May 1964. The officers of the Chapter were:

Chairman: Joseph Powers

Vice-Chairman: William Innes

Secretary-Treasurer: Reed M. Lyons, Jr.