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Update on results of the weather contest!

   -The official day for 1st accumulated snow was Friday, Oct 10th, where 1 inch was recorded at the airport
            1st prize for 6 points were: KC King and Nick Nauslar (Oct. 10 guess)
            2nd prize for 3 points: Patrick Joyce (Oct. 11 guess)

   -The official day for 1st day with precipitation >0.25 inches water was Friday, Oct. 31 with 0.36 inches of rain
            1st prize for 6 points:  Nick Nauslar (Nov. 1st guess)
            2nd price for 3 points: Shree Mishra (Nov. 10th guess)

The current point leaders are now:
   Nick:   20 points
   KC: 16 points
   Patrick: 11 points

Now, for another point opportunity:  I will award 1 point for each answer to the following questions to anybody who can answer them..

In the spirit of last night's election results:

1.) What percentage of our electricity does President-Elect Obama want to ensure comes from renewable resources by:  2012?  2025?
2.) What percentage does President-Elect Obama want to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 2050?
3.) What is the value of: Chicago Avg. Annual Rainfall - Honolulu Avg. Annual Rainfall?


Email your answers to JD!

There are still opportunities to earn points through participation at chapter activities, the wx contest questions at each meeting, and through calendar sales (1 point for every 4 calendars sold and effort arranging corporate sales).


Check back periodically for updates on points and for new questions and challenges!