Reno-Lake Tahoe AMS Student Chapter Activities


November Chapter Meeting/Social!

Our meeting this month will be a social event and will be held jointly with the Atmospheric Sciences Graduate Student Alliance. We will be celebrating the kick-off of our annual weather calendar fund-raiser with a dinner at the Great Basin Brewing Company ( located at 846 Victorian Avenue in Sparks at 5:20pm, Friday November 14th. Guests and family are welcome!

Please RSVP to J.D. ASAP with the number of people in your party so that we confirm our group reservation size!

After the dinner, for folks who are interested, we will gather at Vice-President Samy's house for socialization and poker. Please also RSVP for
this event, as we have a limit of poker seats. Buy-in for poker (texas-holdem or a variant of) will be $20 and re-buys welcome, but we are still debating format (may be a small tournament if there is enough interested people). Directions to Samy's house will be given once you RSVP.

Also, a reminder:  our December meeting will be held Thursday, Dec. 4th at 4:00 to limit interference with end-of-semester projects and finals, and will be held either in the physics building or the Joe Crowley.

Chapter Meetings - Weather Briefings

Each chapter meeting features a weather briefing by one of the members. The weather pattern during the month since the previous meeting, including significant events and departures from normal, are reviewed and a forecast for the short and long term are presented. Weather briefings are given on a volunteer basis, and no experience is required. Assistance for new presenters can be provided by other chapter members and by following the link below to obtain the necessary data and analysis. This forum is an excellent way to gain experience in conducting formal or informal weather briefings.

Resources for Preparing Chapter Weather Briefings

Chapter Meetings - Guest Speakers

Due to the fact that the Reno-Lake Tahoe AMS Student Chapter contains members from such organizations as the Desert Research Institute, the National Weather Service and the University of Nevada-Reno, our chapter is able to attract speakers to give presentations at chapter meetings on operational forecasting and the latest atmospheric science research. Chapter members also occasionally participate in roundtable discussions on current issues related to atmospheric science. Below is a list of presentations and discussions which have been given at chapter meetings to date. When possible, the complete presentation has been included.

March 2006:

Dr. James E. Church and the 100th Anniversary of the Science of Snow Surveying
Brian F. O'Hara, National Weather Service

April 2006:

Air Sampling Methods for Detection and Characterization of Biofuel Emissions
Nicholas Nussbaum, Desert Research Institute


The European Photoreactor EUPHORE Transformation Experiments
Shahryar Samy, Desert Research Institute

May 2006:

What Can Be Expected During the Upcoming Fire Weather Season in Western Nevada and the Eastern Sierra
Brian Brong, National Weather Service

September 2006:

The Record July 2006 Western U.S. Heat Wave
Brian F. O'Hara, National Weather Service

October 2006:

Avalanche Climatology of the Eastern Sierra Nevada
David Walker, University of Nevada

November 2006:

Mexico City: Confluence of Complex Meteorology and Air Pollution
Lupita Paredes-Miranda and Dr. Pat Arnott, University of Nevada

February 2007:

The Western Regional Climate Center sampler: A taste of recent activities and projects
Dr. Laura Edwards, Western Regional Climate Center

March 2007:

A Closer Look at What Goes On at the Weather Forecasting Side at a U.S. Navy Base
Matthew Young, SGOT Fallon

April 2007:

Model Simulations of Extreme Orographic Precipitation in the Sierra Nevada
Phillip Marzette, Desert Research Institute

September 2007:

Aerosols, Clouds, and Radiation in the Atmosphere
Subashree Mishra, Desert Research Institute

October 2007:

Is Global Warming a Threat to Us or is it Purely Media Sensationalism?
Reno-Lake Tahoe AMS Student Chapter

November 2007:

Probing the World of Clouds and Atmospheric Aerosols Using Sun Photometry
Dr. James C. Barnard, Pacific Northwest National Laboratory

December 2007:

The State of Education in the Atmospheric Sciences
Reno-Lake Tahoe AMS Student Chapter

February 2008:

What Made You Get Involved with the Weather?
Reno-Lake Tahoe AMS Student Chapter

March 2008:

The National Weather Service: An Overview of the NWS and Future Job Prospects
The Sierra Nevada Blizzard of Jan 2008

Chris Smallcomb, National Weather Service

April 2008:

From U.C.L.A. to D.R.I. - Mountain Weather Studies in the Eastern Sierra
Hal Klieforth, Desert Research Institute

May 2008:

Wildland Fire: A Smokejumper's Perspective
Ramona Hull, University of Nevada

September 2008:

A Rare Widespread Severe Thunderstorm Event in Western Nevada: 21 July 2008

Chris Smallcomb, Reno NWS Science Officer, UNR/DRI atmospheric sciences
PhD student

October 2008:

The Problem of Lightning Initiation

Dan Petersen, UNR/DRI PhD student


Field Trips

The Reno-Lake Tahoe area contains a number of institutions dedicated to public forecasting (National Weather Service, local TV stations), private forecasting (Fallon Naval Air Station), and atmospheric science related research (Desert Research Institute, University of Nevada - Reno), as well as scenic beauty in which to appreciate the weather of a particular day. This semester the chapter is organizing a number of field trips to take advantage of its Reno setting. These trips are currently in various stages of organization and will be discussed further during future chapter meetings.

Anyone interested in organizing a tour to another location or simply suggesting a future trip is encouraged to present their idea at a chapter meeting or contact one of the chapter officers. Trips significantly outside the Reno-Lake Tahoe area will be dependent on funding.

Reno Weather Calendars

Since its inception, the Reno-Lake Tahoe AMS Student Chapter has worked to produce a weather calendar which includes photographs of interesting and scenic area weather and information on climate normals and extremes. Chapter members have participated in submitting and acquiring the photographs, researching the climate information, and managing the production and distribution of the calendars. These weather calendars serve as an important fundraising activity for the chapter, as well as the previously mentioned group participation. The first weather calendars, which featured both Reno and Lake Tahoe, were produced for the 2008 calendar year and sold in late 2007 and early 2008. Preparations have already started for the 2009 calendars which will be unveiled at the November meeting!

Check back periodically to learn about more activities of the Reno-Lake Tahoe AMS Student Chapter.