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The National Weather Association
Newsletter | Electronic Journal of Operational Meteorology
The National Weather Association has been supporting and promoting excellence in operational meteorology and related activities for over 25 years.

The American Meteorological Society
Newsletter | Policy Statements | A Career Guide for the Atmospheric Sciences
The American Meteorological Society promotes the development and dissemination of information and education on the atmospheric and related oceanic and hydrologic sciences. Founded in 1919, the AMS has a membership of more than 11,000 professionals, educators, students, and weather enthusiasts.

WFO Fort Worth-Dallas
The Fort Worth-Dallas, Texas National Weather Service Office continues to update their services by adding new graphical products, which shouldn't be overlooked.

The NWS West Gulf River Forecast Center
The West Gulf River Forecast Center (WGRFC), which is colocated with WFO Fort Worth-Dallas, has an area of responsibility defined by the numerous Gulf of Mexico draining river basins of Texas including the New Mexico, Colorado, and Mexico portions of the Rio Grande basin. The WGRFC area of responsiblity covers more than 315,000 square miles (815,000 square kilometers) of land in the United States and over 87,000 square miles (225,000 square kilometers) in Mexico.

The NWS Fort Worth Center Weather Service Unit
The Fort Worth Center Weather Service Unit (CWSU) is located at the Federal Aviation Administration Air Route Traffic Control Center in Fort Worth, Texas. The primary responsibility of the CWSU is to provide up to the minute weather information and briefings to the Traffic Management Unit and air traffic control room supervisors. Special emphasis is given those weather conditions that would be hazardous to aviation or would impede the flow of air traffic in the National Airspace System.

The NWS Southern Region Headquarters
The NWS Southern Region encompasses one-quarter of the land of the contiguous United States. The Southern Region Headquarters provides vital "around-the-clock" operational support to its field offices and manages the Region's programs, scientific enhancements, staffing, and an annual budget of more than $90 million. The NWS Southern Region Headquarters staff oversee a multitude of technological developments and implementations, meteorological and hydrologic program management, recruitment, promotion and employee development, quality control of all field services and operational prioritizing and evaluation of field needs.

The WX5FWD SKYWARN™ team are volunteer radio operator liaisons for the Fort Worth National Weather Service (NWS) North Texas SKYWARN™ Spotters. During SKYWARN events, you are reporting information to our team and the the NWS warning forecasters. Three goals of a storm spotter are to safely observe, identify and report conditions.

SKYWARN TEXAS is designed as an information source to the amateur radio community and others who serve as SKYWARN volunteers for the National Weather Service and local Emergency Management Offices throughout the Lone Star State.

The Texas Severe Storms Association
The Texas Severe Storms Association (TESSA) is a non-profit organization founded to bring together both amateur amd professional severe weather scientists in an attempt to better understand dangerous storms through the collection and diffusion of knowledge.

Sam Barricklow's STORM CHASE
This all-encompassing site includes pages dedicated to storm chasing, severe weather images, weather forecasts, radio scanning, R.A.C.E.S., and Skywarn.

Bill Bunting's Weather Links
Bill Bunting, Meteorologist In Charge of the NWS Fort Worth-Dallas WFO, has assembled an extensive Web site that includes links to items such as upper air soundings, surface analyses, numerical weather prediction model output satellite imagery, among others.

Tim Marshall's Stormtrack
Tim Marshall, one of the leading storm chasers, a meteorologist and a professional engineer, has created a which is a combination of Storm Track Online, and the Storm Chaser Homepage. This has been "The Chaser's Resource Since 1977."

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