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The North Florida Chapter maintains an electronic archive of old public chapter records and useful documents. Included here are membership applications, press releases, the chapter constitution and more. Most documents are posted in PDF format; the free Adobe Reader is required to view these files.

Should you require some other piece of information that you feel may be in our records or that we can obtain, please e-mail us at

Though it is not required for membership in the North Florida Chapter, we encourage membership in the American Meteorological Society, please download the appropriate membership application from their website. The benefits are great and it is quite affordable, with discounts for current students.  Don't forget to fill in your local chapter affiliation!

Current Documents

Local Chapter Membership Application

Membership Application (2008-09)

Chapter Constitution

Current version of the chapter's constitution

Chapter Officer Handbook

In-depth descriptions of officer duties

Press Releases

November 8, 2004

North Florida Chapter named to 2003-04 Local Chapter Honor Roll

August 8, 2004

Achievements Recognized By Respected International Publication

Past Documents

2007 Golf Tournament Signup Form

2007 Best Ball Classic II at Seminole Golf Course

North Florida AMS Hurricane Track Map 2006 Atlantic Hurricane Season Track Map

2005-2006 T-shirt Flyer

2005-2006 T-shirt Flyer

2005 Golf Tournament Application

2005 Golf Tournament Application

2004-2005 Science Education Directive

2004-2005 Science & Education Committee Strategic Policy Directive

Election Results

2009-10 Executive Board Elections

2008-09 Executive Board Elections

2007-08 Executive Board Elections

2006-07 Executive Board Elections

2005-06 Executive Board Elections

2004-05 Executive Board Elections

2003-04 Executive Board Elections

2002-03 Executive Board Elections