Current AMS Chapter Officers

Coordinator - Erin Dwick - Biography - I Have been a member of NEOCAMS since 2008. I am currently seeking office to continue our chapter. I want our chapter to remain viable. I have a strong recreational interest in meteorology that started 4/3/1973 when the Xenia tornado hit near my hometown. I was a young girl and this weather event piqued my interest in Meteorology. I have a college text on Meteorology that I read from time to time. I am also a member of The Cloud Appreciation Society. Weather fascinates me. I have a BS in Dietetics 88 and a MEd in Nutrition 89 both from the University of Cincinnati. I started a PhD in Nutrition-Virginia Tech at age 23, got halfway but never finished it. Most of my work life, I have been a dietitian based in hospitals, health care facilities or with the fitness/wellness industry. I currently work as CEO of REZSQ, a problem solving firm. I am also a Health Coach Trainer at University Hospitals Case Medical Center, and an Outreach Coordinator for an Adolescent Addiction Recovery Lab at Case Medical School. I hope to reinvigorate NEOCAMS. I plan to find a useful meeting day/time where we could meet maybe every other month. I envision us having a speaker/presentation or visit some exciting weather related entity for our meetings. Doodle Polls can be used for consensus on these issues. I encourage anyone who wants to continue our group to join me in my attempts to keep our chapter going. I am willing to give it a great effort. I am encouraged by all of the possibilities that exist for us in the future. I hope that you join with me in this endeavor.
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