The Northeast Ohio Chapter of the American Meteorological Society (NEOCAMS) was founded in 1984. It serves as a local, autonomous chapter of the national American Meteorological Society. The mission of this local chapter is to promote meteorology, hydrology, climatology, environmental and related sciences through educational and informative meetings and social functions. We will also attempt to be available to provide some local expertise in meteorology and related sciences.

Persons, especially those ages 16 and older living anywhere in Ohio or northwest Pennsylvania, are welcome to join the chapter. The only prerequisite is an interest in meteorology/climatology. This chapter is comprised of weather enthusiasts, National Weather Service personnel, the media, and professionals teaching and working in meteorology and related fields. High school and college students are strongly encouraged to attend and participate in meetings. Those in the field may be able to claim continuing education by attending some of the presentations.

In a typical year, the Northeast Ohio Chapter of the AMS holds several meetings which will be announced in advance including social events and field trips. Meetings are held at various locations across northeast Ohio, including Kent State University (in Kent), the Cleveland National Weather Service Office (in Cleveland), and local libraries. There is never a charge to attend a meeting (unless there is a fee involved in the activity). This chapter operates as a non-profit organization, and at this time there are no dues or fees required.

Speakers for meetings have come from a variety of professional backgrounds including the National Severe Storms Laboratory (NSSL) in Norman, Oklahoma; the National Weather Service; climatology professors as well as students completing Master's theses in climatology at Kent State University; emergency management agency and red cross directors; hydrologists conducting fieldwork; and television meteorologists. A real time weather map discussion is occasionally held at the meetings. The local chapter has organized large scale events in the past. For example, the chapter developed and sponsored the `Tornado Symposium: The United States - Canada Tornado Outbreak of May 3l, 1985 in Review." This 1995 symposium, held on the tenth anniversary of this historic severe weather outbreak, drew 80 weather enthusiasts from several states along with media coverage and an extensive list of speakers.

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Structure for the Northeast Ohio Chapter of the AMS

The chapter is made up of members who have an interest in the weather, no experience or specific education required, just your enthusiasm and participation. At the present time the chapter does not have officers only a coordinator who seeks to provide members and non-members with interesting programs.