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Alaska Science and Engineering Fair 2008 Winners

The Anchorage AMS Chapter had several members participate in the annual Alaska State Science and Engineering Fair. Colin Sells, Robin Radlein, Nathan Eckstein helped judge the weather entries. Laura Furgione gave the keynote address and Louise Fode handed out AMS Certificates, donated portable weather radios from the Midland Radio Company to each winner, and two donated subscriptions to WeatherWise magazine.

Although not a winner, the most interesting science project, especially from an Alaskan perspective, involved a beaver fat barometer. Everyone attending the Science Fair made a point to comment on it. The following were the actual prize winning weather related Science Fair projects:

NWS Winners -AlaskaState Science and Engineering Fair

Elementary School

1st Place
Name of Student: Jennifer Goertz
Name of Project:  Does Global Warming Cause Global Warning
Name of School:   Klatt Elementary School
Grade:                   6th

2nd Place
Name of Student: Paul Tandy
Name of Project:  How Much Water Is In Different Kinds of Snow                               
Name of School:   Taku Elementary School
Grade:                   6th

3rd Place
Name of Student:  Ben Craig
Name of Project:   Freezing and Boiling a Balloon
Name of School:    Susitna Elementary
Grade:                    2nd


Middle School

1st Place
Name of Student:  Jahnna Tennant
Name of Project:   Here Comes the Sun
Name of School:    Central Middle School
Grade:                    8th    

2nd Place
Name of Student:   Lynndsay O’Neill
Name of Project:    Bringing the Greenhouse Effects Down to Earth
Name of School:     Central Middle School
Grade:                      8th

3rd Place
Name of Student:   Connor Hayden
Name of Project:    Water Pressure
Name of School:     Begich Middle School
Grade:                     6th


Senior High School

1st Place
Name of Student:  Vera Simmonds
Name of Project:   Effects of Global Warming on Tundra
Name of School:    Barrow High School 
Grade:                    11th

2nd Place
Name of Student:   Paige Hahn, Amanda Jensen, Emily Herbig
Name of Project:    Our Hydroelectric Project
Name of School:     Skagway City High School
Grade:                     10th

3rd Place
Name of Student:   Bradley Foster
Name of Project:    How Will Alaska’s Thawing Permafrost Effect Us the Most                                                 
Name of School:     East High School
Grade:                     9th