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2007/2008 Meetings

9/14 Robert Kelly "An Overview of the Hydrometeorological Prediction Center"
10/26 Carven Scott - "An overview of the Alaska Region Collaboration Team (ARCTic)"
12/15 Annual Christmas Dinner and Weather and Wine Talk
1/11 Kathleen O'Keefe "The Anchorage Amateur Radio Club"
2/7 Heather Haspar "Building a Disaster Can" and Bean-A-Fit
3/19 Bruce Turner "Tsunami Awareness Week"
5/16 Nancy Schomer "Federal Aviation Administration Weather Cam Program Office"

2006/2007 Meetings

9/22 Dr. Jim Simpson "Environmental and Climatic Differentiation of Alaskan Ecosystems"
10/27 Jim Hill - "The Capstone Program"
12/7 Chapter Christmas Dinner
2/1 Fred Hirschmann - "Alaska Sky and Space Weather"