Board for Operational Government Meteorologists

Welcome to the Newly Unveiled BOGM Forum on the AMS Website

The AMS Board for Operational Government Meteorologists (BOGM) proudly welcomes you to the BOGM Forum, a bulletin board for and about public sector meteorologists. Dedicated to dealing with the important questions and addressing the topics and issues that affect forecasters from all government agencies, the BOGM Forum recently launched its discussion boards with questions including, “How can AMS do a better job attracting government meteorologists?” and “How can government meteorologists have a voice and visibility at meteorological conferences?”

Public sector meteorologists have a special role within the meteorological community. But never before has there been a widely-accessible online venue expressly for the free exchange of ideas and thoughts among all public sector meteorologists – until now. Future threads (which you can initiate once you have gained access to the forum) will ask your thoughts about available training opportunities and about new innovations and projects going on at your offices that are having a positive impact. You can also have a say in how the AMS can better serve public sector meteorologists.

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